Mavala turns 50 and celebrates with new nail polish shades (Sapporo, just so you know, is fabulous…)

So Swiss nail care brand Mavala turns the big five-oh this year. To celebrate, they’ve launched five new nail polish shades that were inspired by the colours that were big back in the day when they first hit the shelves.

Top from left to right; Moscow, Roma and Sapporo. Bottom from left to right; Montevideo, Honalulu and Victoria.

Having given them all a bash, I can say I’m quite taken with Roma (the deeper ‘blood red’ shade). Alas, only two of the colours are going to be available in SA and that’s not one of them. Still, you’ll be able to buy Victoria, a true coral hue, and Sapporo, a very trendy ‘nude’ beige.

Victoria and Sapporo.

Now to be honest (and you know I always am), I’m not likely to touch any kind of coral with a stick. And yes, I know it’s having a real moment right now blah blah blah, but to me it’ll always be the shade for type of much older women who rock Green Cross Health sandals and spend their weekends playing boules. The nude, however, is gorgeous! Somehow it manages to not wash out my pale zombie-like mitts and has a cool 60’s, retro-y Lana del Rey vibe to it.


If you want to try it, or any other Mavala shade, yourself, look out them in Dis-Chem. Each little bottle goes for R60 a pop and the quality of the formula is exactly what you’d expect from a brand developed by the Swiss; and by that I mean it’s excellent.

Love, love


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