Thomas Pink store opens in Hyde Park, Johannesburg

Okay, so hands up, how many of you have heard of Thomas Pink?

My little sis who lives in France buys quite a few of her fiance’s shirts there.

And the last time I was in one of their stores I had to stop myself from breaking my holiday budget on their adorbsville bulldog cufflinks as a gift for my bulldog-obsessed boyfriend:

Too cute, right?

Anyway, for those of you unfamiliar with the brand, Thomas Pink is part of the uber-fancy Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy group and specialise in beautifully tailored shirts for men as well as women:

Thomas Pink men’s shirts…

…and gorgeous silk ties! Like, loads of them!

As for the actual Mr. Pink, he was a famous British shirt maker who designed the fitted red jacket you see on ‘Masters of Foxhounds’.

Despite being rooi, the jacket’s hue was referred to as ‘pink’ in honour of it’s tailor.

While the brand’s flagship store is in the UK, they’re pretty global and have just opened a new store in Hyde Park in Jozi. Thus, myself and a few other media peeps were flown up for the grand opening.

A well dressed cute boy, super sterk cocktails and pink ‘presents’; all the best things in life crammed into one shot.

This is where I got to meet Gareth Cliff who’s been a fan of the brand for a while. He says the quality of their classic workshirts is ‘excellent’ and likes that they’re all beautifully fitted.

Being a UK-based brand, its ‘mascots’ are an array of typically British animals; think foxes and English bulldogs like this one:

Making friends with ‘Tommy’.

This isn’t the only bulldog in the shop by the way; there were a few mini ones scattered around and I was sorry I didn’t bring my big ass shoplifting handsakkie – one of the little babas would’ve looked too cute on my bookshelf… Oh! And how’s this for embarrassing… co-incidentally, the shop next door, Jo Malone, was having its own private bash at the same time. As a result, I thought the two stores where doing a bit of a co-lab of iets so I crashed their partyjie and started hoovering up all their sushi. Oops! Upon realising my mistake I promised the brand’s PR I’d make it up to her with a shameless plug for Jo’s latest cologne, Plum Blossom:

I was actually v happy to have this as my scent of the eve; it’s elegant and sophisticated, just like Thomas Pink.

Anyway, if you’d like to get your hands on a little TP yourself and happen to live in Jozi, make your way to their gorgeous little store in Hyde Park. Alternatively, you can shop their UK store online over here. I see they’re currently having a sale and delivery to SA is R240 per order.

Love, love


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