Would you buy Botox on Groupon?

A friend of mine is seriously considering buying Botox via Groupon.

Steek me baby!

Personally, I’ve never bought anything off of Groupon and been left feeling like I’ve gotten my money’s worth, even at a discounted rate. Have I merely been unlucky? Am I possibly just a paranoid snob?

Tell me girls, I want to know; would you buy a cosmetic procedure via a group buying website? And if you have, I want to hear about it; both the good and the bad.

Otherwise, if you’re keen to check out the special, here’s the link.

Love, love


P.S. For the record, I’m a big fan of Botox. Dr. van Niekerk at Just Skin is a veritable wizard and has never screwed me by giving me a piddly dose that didn’t feel ‘strong enough’ or worn off prematurely.

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10 thoughts on “Would you buy Botox on Groupon?

  1. I think it’s very risky and possibly very stupid. Botox and fillers and ANY cosmetic prosedures should always be done by certified professionals and never bought through unreliable sources and definitely never done by yourself. Oh my word!!! How desperate can someone be, to put their health at risk for some cosmetic procedure. Is your health not more important than your vanity? Don’t get me wrong, I too have considered Botox and fillers and understand how under pressure woman are to look good in todays world and this is a very good example of just how badly we are focused and pressured to look our best that we are even risking our healths, but you need to love yourself. Love yourself and you won’t feel so pressured to take these risks. And yes, if you want to look good, pay the extra and go to a professional!!! You are worth it!

  2. It depends on whether a reputable doctor is offering it. I’ll stick my neck out and say that I’ve had (non-group-buying) Botox done by Dr Mel at Sculpt, and she was awesome. As soon as I can shake the eerie feeling that comes with a group buying deal, I’ll probs sign up for this one myself.

  3. A friend of mine went for laser hair removal on her bikini line with a groupon or groupon-type voucher – the woman ended up destroying the tattoo on her hip. The worst part is that the salon was really unapologetic about it – disgusting! I might buy a spa treatment from a group buying site but nothing so risky as a cosmetic procedure.

    1. That’s terrible! That therapist probably would’ve been shitty regardless of whether she got it via Groupon or paid full price though. Still, I can’t help but feel all the ‘desperate’ spots tend to sign up with Groupon-type sites. And of the few Groupon experiences I’ve had, mostly with massages, the practicioner’s seemed to want to push me out the door ASAP and make less of an effort etc because they’ve got a zillion ‘voucher people’ to get through and feel a bit resentful of giving a full service at a smidge of the price.

      1. I guess the moral of the story is that if you’re getting something potentially risky done, you need to investigate both the salon and the treatment itself – find out if they’re reputable and exactly what to expect from your treatment so you know the moment they start doing anything remotely dodgy.

  4. I agree, it all depends on the doctor offering the deal – but in general, I won’t go to a place that I did not know or have been to. When I do buy coupons (for spa treatments), it’s always for places I have already been to or after I have done a great amount of research online.

  5. Can’t say much about Botox – only have two very slight wrinkles (yes, even at 30) so don’t feel I need it – but I don’t buy beauty treatments or products from groupon. I’ve bought other things and been happy but unless a treatment is coming from a reputable company than no thanks.

  6. I only have botox done by an experienced doctor personally! I have friends who had botox done for cheap at certain places and the ended up with droopy, puffy eyelids or massive bruises. I go to a very sexy, experienced plastic surgeon by the name or Dr Willem Erasmus at Suntra Spa in 15 on Orange Hotel. See here for more details: http://bit.ly/NCP1qA

    1. I agree, I would never use a groupon voucher and have in fact been to Dr Erasmus at Suntra Sa and Renaissance clinic as well – he has magic hands!

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