Clicks has LOADS of dental goodies. Oh! And RetarDEX oral rinse is the business.

So the sweet peeps at Clicks sent me a HUUUUGE dental hamper the other day. Not exactly the last word in glam but totally essential in maintains a nice white-looking smile in the socials.

Check it out:
Of everything in the lot, I’m most impressed with RetarDEX Oral Rinse* (and yes it’s taking every ounce of will power not to make some crack about the name…)

RetarDEX oral rinse, R59,99 for 250mls

What makes RetarDEX (snicker, snicker… God I’m such a bad person…) different to most other mouth washes is that it doesn’t disguise nasty breath by covering it up with a blast of mint. Instead, it zaps the root of the issue by using an active ingredient that breaks the chemical bond of the molecule that causes bad breath. Clever!

Also, if you do like a menthol blast regardless, the box includes a mint flavour sachet so you can change the flavour. (I wholeheartedly recommend you add the sachet; without it the liquid tasted like old contact lens cleaner. Tres vile. With mint, however, it’s now something I enjoy using every single day.

Next up we’ve got Beverly Hills Formula toothpaste.

Reckon Brandon and Brenda used this? (Sorry young people; that’s a crack re a 90210 before your time…)

It promises to gradually whiten up your teeth without hurting the enamel and causing any sensitivity. It also claims to ‘whiten your breath’ which, doesn’t really make sense. Unless you’re breathing out coloured steam, the only thing it’ll do is leave you with fresher breath after use; which, really, is pretty much what any other toothpaste tends to do.

Still, it’s a nice toothpaste but I’m not going to be looking out for any dramatic changes to the colour of my pearly whites; I take care of that with Crest White Strips which I buy online from whoever’s having a special that week; they work like a bomb.

Anyhoo, last but not least, we’ve got Clicks’ own brand of interdental brushes:

I just use it like this, but if you want, you can buy a brush handle thing-y for R29,99 to attach it to.

As I was a ‘bad girl’ who didn’t mind takin’ a walk on the wild side, I never wore my retainer, my teeth, which were made perfect by two years of braces, slid back out into a slight overbite position. To stop them from getting even worse, I’ve had a little wire stuck at the back of my teeth. Something I should’ve done, like, YEARS ago. This means I can’t slide floss in between a few of my front teeth so I end up using interdentals. You poke them in between the teensy gaps in your teeth and can also use them to a deep down seriyas floss in your molars if you like.

In the past, I’ve bought interdentals from Wellness Warehouse so I know how expensive they can be. At Clicks, however, they start at R19,99 for a pack of 6 and select from various sizes.

Thanks Clicks; I’ll definitely be putting these goodies to good use. Except maybe the Scooby Doo toothbrush (not featured)… I’m really more of a Barbie/Hello Kitty kinda girl.

Love, love


*This isn’t the first RetarDEX product I’ve tried and liked. Their breath spray is the best I’ve ever used. If you’re a sneaky smoker, you can’t not read this

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