Dr. Miracle’s created a new Restorative treatment pack

Just the other day I received a pack of Dr. Miracle’s new Restorative treatment pack, R44,99. It’s kinda awesome in that it’s a little box containing three very generous sachets of different treatment products; an Argan Hot Oil treatment, Acai Thermal Protection Styler (a leave-in heat protection product) and Coconut Milk leave-in conditioner (another leave-in treatment with wheat and keratin extracts to fortify weak, brittle hair).

Now I know I’m not the target market but you know, me if I’m give product I’m going to play with it so I gave it a bash anyway. After all, this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve used an ‘ethnic hair’ product. (God, how much do you hate that term? It sounds so clinical and weird…) But ja…back in college when I used to spend all my money on shoes and booze, I used and adored an intensive hair treatment called Medi-Scalp which I discovered it on the ethnic hair care shelf at Clicks. I loved that it cost less than twenty bucks yet managed to rescue frazzled hair without weighing it down. My ‘do took numerous beatings from several crappy ‘budget’ hairdressers who’d fry the living shizz out of it by forgetting my in bleach baths and such so I needed products offering seriyas hydration and repair.

Anyway, getting back to Dr. Miracle’s treatments… in a nutshell (another term I hate but use anyway), the thermal protection styler is a glycerine-like serum that sunk into my wet hair in a flash. If used near my roots it made them look a little greasy, but if I kept it on my ends only, it made my hair a lot easier to detangle and ensured a frizz-free blow dry. The Coconut Milk leave-in conditioner smelled like heaven, but again I had to be sure to keep it away from my roots. (If, however, you’re the target market or have hair that’s drier than mine, you probably won’t have that issue.)

My Argan Hot Oil treatment was very interesting though. Essentially, it’s a very similar formula to Moroccan Oil in that it’s 99% silicone and a few drops of argan oil. The first time I used it I followed the instructions and doused my entire head with it, the same way you’d use Vo5’s Hot Oil treatment. This was a big mistake. Huge. I looked like an absolute grease monkey and had to pretty much empty out a can of dry shampoo (Batiste is the best!) and wear my hair up in a bun to go to work. It also took me no less than three shampoos to get it all out of hair!

As a result, I decided to attempt using it the same way I do Moroccan Oil; applying just a coin-sized dollop to my hands and then working it through the lengths of my wet hair before blow drying. This was muuuch better. Fabulous in fact. It made detangling my hair a real breeze and when it was dry, my locks looked sleek and shiny. In fact, it pretty much gave me the same results I’ve gotten from other much more expensive argan-oil infused hair treatments. Niiiiice…. Oh! And for the record, I’ve read reviews online where the writer’s actually had ‘ethnic hair’, used the entire sachet up in one go and gotten killer good results. Here’s one of them.

Anyway, if you’ve got ‘ethnic hair’ and give it a bash, please let me know your thoughts. Otherwise, if you’re looking for an el cheapo yet effective silicone serum, this is a good bet. Also, don’t you wish to goodness other brands offered fab little treatment pakkies? I’d love to be able to buy a few hair nourishing goodies to give my locks a bit of weekend lovin’ as opposed to having to buy a huge (often expensive) tub of just one thing…

Love, love


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