The Body Shop’s Beautifying Oils will rock your world

The Body Shop invited me to a lovely li’l brekkie held in the restaurant at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. They’re going to launch some very exciting new goodies as the year rollsout and have re-focused their brand expression to ‘beauty with heart‘. Perfectly apt considering how they give back to the communities from which they source their ingredients and say no to animal testing.  

Whilst there, us beauty folk were asked to write down what we’d be doing to help make the world a better place. Here’s my promise, shamelessly stolen from Ghandi:

Note my little champers-on-an-empty-tummy induced ‘smiley’…     

Now let me show you a little something that’s sure to make you squeal; The Body Shop’s new Beautfying Oil:

The Body Shop Beautifying Oil in Moringa, R99.

The oils will be available in eleven variants but right now, only Moringa is on the shelves. Each one is made from a hydrating blend of nut oils including Fair Trade Marula oil, making them a great source of vitamin E and omega 3, 6 and 9. As they’re ‘dry oils’, they moisturise like a charm, yet feel light and silky on your skin. You can use them on your hair, face or body and even drizzle them in the bath!

I’ve never been crazy about  TBS’s Moringa variant as I’m not big into white florals. However, the way this scent has been captured in the oil is utterly irresistible. I’ve just rubbed it on my arm and, if I close my eyes, I’m transported to a sun-drenched balcony that overlooks the ocean. In my mind I’m wearing a sweet-smelling tanning oil and the breeze around me carries the scent of frangipanis and hot pink Bougainvillea, the kind that climb all over the walls around Christmas-time… Flip, it’s fabulous!

The Body Shop is also giving their body butter’s a fresh new look and Moringa is the first to get the face lift:

It’s the same formula you know and love, just in a new look tub.

Next time you pop into the store, please give the Moringa oil a sniff and tell me how right I am in regards to its awesomess. If you hurry, you can also abuse their current Mother’s Day special; 20% off ladies fragrances and gift sets.

Love, love


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