Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal Cat Eyes review

Maybelline’s got a new mascara on the shelves, a flanker for the super popular The Colossal Volum’ Express called The Colossal Volum’ Express Cat Eyes, R114,95.

It promises to deliver serious volume and, thanks to a ‘claw brush’, extend lashes outwards in a sexy cat-like flick. Also, its formula includes collagen which is becoming a popular ingredient in mascara these days. I’m not sure if Maybelline’s collagen has been hydrolized or not. If so, it’ll have undergone a treatment that would make the molecules small enough to penetrate your lashes and temporarily ‘fatten them up’. If not, it’ll still act as a nice conditioning agent and go a little way towards preventing clumpage.

Anyway, I gave Cat Eyes a bash this week.

This is after two coats of Cat Eyes.

I found that it’s not as good a volumiser as the original The Colossal…

This is the ORIGINAL The Colossal so you can see the comparison.

Cat Eyes does, however, create fab definition and add a bit of length. I also liked that the brush wasn’t half as big as it looked in the promo pic.

See? Not such a fierce kitty after all...

The brush being more of a ‘minx’ than a ‘liger’* is a good thing in that it makes it nice and easy to work with. You’re not going to end up globbing mascara all over your brow bown and getting all the way into the corner of your eye to coat each and every lash is a breeze. In all, if you’re looking for a clean, well-defined look that boasts a little extra length, Cat Eyes is up to the job. 

Love, love


P.S. I’m now testing some new Maybelline lippies due to come out in April and love, love, LOVE them! If you like a sexy, glossy-looking finish as much as I do, I’m quite sure you’ll adore them too. Will whip up a post with lots of swatches closer to the time…

*Yip, I googled it…the world’s biggest cat is a liger; a cross between a lion and a tiger. And the biggest in the world is a fatty called Herculese…

Meow-za bitches…

And on that note I’m off for a run on the prom…

X x x

8 thoughts on “Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal Cat Eyes review

  1. Thank u Leigh!!! Have been dying to read a review on this that is honest to goodness and not a load of promo rubbish! I am always on the look-out for a mascara that will truly give me false eyelashes without having to glue on the false eyelashes ( ok a girl can dream, hey?!). My best was Lash Stylist and I think it was also maybelline … goodness knows why they took that one off the market 😦 The Falsies is decent but still not there yet in my book. Will definitely give this one a try!!!

    1. Ag dankie skat. But just to make sure I understand you correctly; you’re looking for a volumising mascara and I’ve just demonstrated that Cat Eyes is more about definition and length. The Falsie’s is actually a better volumiser. Don’t get confused by the second pic; that’s not Cat Eyes. X x x

      1. I am actually looking for more definition, length with a bit of a curl and a bit of volumising thrown in for good measure … I know… miracles just dont happen every day!!! But hopefully someday a mascara will tick all those boxes. As for the promo rubbish, I have just read a lot of reviews lately where the reviewer just seems to be parroting the advert and isnt really giving you the real lowdown on the product. Thats why I just love your reviews! I know what to expect when i buy the product and wont have false hope, if u know what I mean. Lets face it when u check out the mascara ads, the model is normally wearing fillers or false lashes… such misrepresentation and u need a magnifying glass to see the disclaimer. So you cant trust the ads at all! Thus u look for reviews and so u r my go to reviewer at the moment 🙂

      2. Dankie man. If it’s definition and length you want, give Cat Eyes a bash. Another goodie for all that (with a bit of volume thrown in) is L’Oreal Voluminous. That’s my go to mascara on months where I haven’t found Clinique High Impact or Lancome Hypnose ‘cheap cheap’ on eBay ;-P

  2. My sister gave this to me over the weekend. She didn’t like it because she preffers a more dramatic look. I like it tho. Been wearing it to work. Its a nice clean every day mascara. You’re right about it being easy to get into corners. This is a nice one.

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