Valentine’s Day lovin’ from La Senza, Accessorize and INGLOT

Looky looky… I got a little V-day loving from La Senza, Accessorize and INGLOT…

You know it's a sad day for love when your boyfriend gets shown up by a semi-secret admirer you've never actually met... Heheheh...

Included in the box (which arrived attached to a heart-shaped balloon, nogal) was a gorgeous faux crystal pendant from Accessorize, an INGLOT nail polish and gloss and the most gorgeous little La Senza ‘panty pop’, R159.

Want a closer look?

I love how the cutesy 'heart on a stick' unwraps to become a zexy rooi La Senza thong...

I couldn’t wait to try it on and immediately snapped a pic of my perfect, airbrushed cellulite-free ass (that sooo wasn’t stolen from Google images)…

What do you MEAN that thong looks 'completely different'? What are you trying to say?!

Thank you La Senza, INGLOT and Accessorize; you totally made my day.

Love, love


P.S. Girls, just so you know, that INGLOT Sleeks Cream lip gloss has the most delish vanilla scent…

One thought on “Valentine’s Day lovin’ from La Senza, Accessorize and INGLOT

  1. LOVE the panty pop! Hope its not sold out. I’m directing the boy there tomorrow. Have to tell him exactly what I want or I’ll end up with a box of Smarties. Love your blog too.

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