Lipgloss is my Life Best of Beauty 2011

One of the many perks of being a beauty writer is getting to try loads of different products, often things I wouldn’t have dreamed of trying otherwise. Finding real gems is always a serious bonus, but the real test is discovering something you like enough to actually buy yourself. (Its all too easy for beauty bloggers to go ‘oooh girls, this new R1000 cream is awesome’ if they didn’t have to shell out for it.)  

Anyway, of all the beauty loot I got to try this year, these are the Super Seven I’ll now be tossing in my trolley and paying for with my OWN hard earned cash. They’ve all replaced old favourites or made me realise I was looking for them all along without even knowing it.

1. Batiste dry shampoo, R35 – exclusive to Clicks.
I LOVE this stuff and go through cans and cans of it. The plain variant is my favourite and I even use it on freshly washed hair as I adore the volume it creates. I won’t leave the house for a party without a few spritzes of this dude in my hair.

2. The Body Shop Baked to Last blush in Petal, R130
I used to be obsessed with a MAC shade called Sweetness which was the perfect baby doll pink hue (which is fab for cool toned blondes like moi) but then they discontinued it. Cue sad face. Merrily, this one’s a v. similar shade and leaves your skin with a touch of healthy-looking iridescence too!

3. Crabtree & Evelyn Heritage Collection triple milled soap in Vetiver & Juniper Berry, R100
This smells EXACTLY like Terre d’Hermes, the sexiest male scent on God’s green earth. (In fact, I love that cologne so much I sometimes wear it myself.) It also creates a rich, creamy lather that makes Dove look kinda silly, making it fab to shave your legs with.

4. ModelCo Tan Mousse, R290 – exclusive to Edgars.
I used to be a big fan of the non-aerosol Caribbean Tan spray bottle, but am now a convert to ModelCo’s tan mousse. Application’s a breeze as it GLIDES onto your skin and leaves you with a nice deep NATURAL LOOKING tan. The best bit? It smells like caramel!

5. Guerlain Parure compact foundation powder with crystal pearls SPF 20, R845
I LOVE this, but at almost a grand for a compact, I can’t afford to buy it locally so I pick it up on eBay. (My last compact was less than R400…) I swirl my biggest powder foundation brush across its surface and use it to create a beautiful matte-looking finish that doesn’t look chalky or unnatural in the least. The best bit is that this takes all of fifteen seconds to apply…  

6. Lee Stafford My Big Fat Healthy hair shampoo, R95 – exclusive to Clicks.
I wasn’t all that impressed with this at first as I was using it with the matching conditioner which was far too light for my hair. Now that I team it with Schwarzkopf Gliss Total Repair conditioner (in the cream and orange bottle), I absolutely adore it. Its scent’s a dead ringer for Thierry Mugler Angel. It’s also got a ‘runny’ texture that spreads through my hair and lathers up in a flash making washing my hair a total breeze. Also, the tube seems to last for ages which helps justify its price. Will continue to purchase this on good cash flow months…

7. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit facial wash, R75.
It’s a pretty straight forward face wash, but its fresh zingy scent makes for true sensory bliss. 

Now tell me girls, which products did you discover this year that you simply couldn’t live without?

X x x

7 thoughts on “Lipgloss is my Life Best of Beauty 2011

    1. I’ve seen the Tresemme one’s on the shelves but have been too nervy to buy one in case its not as good as Batiste – and it’s so good I don’t see how Tresemme could improve on it. Also, I’ve used the Lee Stafford dry shampoo and found that to be kind of useless.

      1. I think the Tresemmé one is more expensive… It smells great and it really does work but I find that it makes my hair look a bit frizzy after a while…

    1. I know right?! I’m totes obsessed and gave my last bar to my little sis who has everything. Really hope she appreciates it or I’m going to sneak it back out of her bathroom. Hee hee…

  1. In the 1980’s Clicks used to have their own brand of Dry shampoo and it was dirt cheap and brilliant.I wish it would come back again.I have tried Tesseme and don’t like it at all and now have recently bought a can of Batiste.which I will try soon,They all have such nice scents.Tried Lee Stratford and it smells just like Angel but found it better than Tresseme.

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