Cosmetiques de France – ooh la la!

The  other day I had lunch with the lovely ladies from Cosmetiques de France and got up close and personal with their magnifique beauty brands; some very new to SA like Nuxe and Erborian, (which is actually from Korea), as well as those we know and love – like BourjoisBioderma and Uriage. Naturally macaroons were involved (oui! oui!), but I most enjoyed the talk by a divine dermatologist who totally bolstered my resolve to never set foot in the sun without an SPF on my face. (We were shown a piccie of a woman who’d spent years working as a truck driver with just one side of her face exposed to the sun and man, it wasn’t pretty. You could’ve drawn a line down the middle of her gesig and it could’ve been a before and after ‘combo shot’ for a face lift. Sjoe! I also learned that just 20 sun bed sessions are equal to one full year of sun exposure!

Anyway, let me tell you about some of the new brands so you can keep an eye out for them in the shops…

Nuxe was founded back in 1957 by a Parisian chemist and has been flying off the shelves in Europe ever since. (FYI, the name is a portmanteau of ‘nature’ and ‘luxury’. I totally had to look that up – what it means when you combine two words into one – and am tres delighted that it turned out to be aptly French…) True to its name, Nuxe’s goodies make use of a myriad of natural ingredients. Its bestseller is a multi-tasking dry oil called Huile Prodgieuse, R209,95.

Give me a sniff, I smell like the beach...

Huile Prodigieuse is kinda like the more glam, continental version of Bio-Oil in that it contains a mix of plant oils to nourish your skin (and hair!) and, much like Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, can be found on the dressing table of pretty much every girl in Europe.

Another fab French brand I got to learn about is Lierac. It’s also a luxurious phyto- (plant) focused brand with celeb fans that include Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson and Claire Danes. I was spoiled with a nice, fat jar of their Prolonged Tanning intense hydration repair cream, R339,95.

This indulgent mega-moisturiser contains a mix of soothing natural ingredients that help prolong your tan.
I’ve got to confess, it smells so delish (like white flowers) and has such a dreamy, creamy texture, that I’ve been using it on my bod despite the fact that I haven’t been in the sun. It’s also got a very slight pearlescence to it, so it leaves your skin soft, delicately scented and ever so slightly glowy.

Another total gem I found in my goodie bag was my beloved Bioderma Sensibio H20 cleanser, R139,95.

I've been relying on it for years now and honestly, its one of the best oil-free make-up removers I've ever used (and I've used zillions).

It looks and feels just like plain old water, yet is strong enough to even take INK off your hand (in just one swipe, nogal). You’d never guess it was formulated for sensitive skin ‘cos this baby takes off anything. If you see it in the shops, pop it in your trolley and take it home without a second thought. If, for some inexplicable reason, you don’t like it – get hold of me and I’ll come and buy the bloody thing off you. That’s how confident I am that you’ll love it…

Anyway, I’ve got to go hang up my washing (living le glam le vie, I tell you…), but when I’ve got more time, I want to tell you all about Erborian, Phyto and Bourjois’ new mascara.

Au revior daaarlings,


X x x

Nuxe, Erborian, Bourjois and Lierac are exclusive to Edgars while you’ll find Uriage and Bioderma at selected pharmacies as well as online at

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