Missing my girls


I’m uber-bleak today ‘cos my evil partners in crime, Karis Piss and Nickle Pickle, have abandoned me…

KP’s buggered off to Italy for a month. Girl’s going all by herself; a solo trek to see a bit of a country she’s always had a thing for and perhaps finally learn to cook. (My mates and I have been referring to her Eat Pray Love-esque journey as Eat Shop Shag…)

My beautiful Karis Piss being a slet at her Moulin Rouge-inspired 30th. (We like our 'themes' and aren't afraid to go big).

If you’d like to follow her on her trip, you can check out the blog she’s created especially for it, My Love Affair with Italy… I see she put her first post up today and featured a snap of her two little suitcases, all packed up and ready to go. Just looking at them – sitting on the floor of her super-neat, squeaky clean apartment – and knowing that each sakkie contains a perfectly folded capsule wardrobe packed by her little OCD-wracked hands… God, I got a regte lump in my throat…

As for Nix, she’s fallen head over heels in love with a Saffa dude who’s based in Doha.

Nickle Pickle - one of the few peeps who has permission to sweep in and look after my future-kiddles should I die in a flaming plane crash. (Sorry K, we all know they'd drown, starve or get taught to pole dance in your care...)

Nix and Le Boy have been doing long distance (tres kak), but now she’s off to the Middle East to go visit him. (FYI, Doha is the capital of Qatar. I didn’t know this until two seconds ago thanks to google…)

KP – I love you bitchface! Please don’t be long. And don’t meet some dashing, slick Sicilian and not come back. Or get fat from all those carbs! (Dunno which would be worse…)

Nix – I know you won’t be away for long, but already just the thought of not seeing you this weekend makes me sad. You’re one of the few chicas I can drag along with me to a ‘boy’ flick like X-Men First Class and actually enjoy it. And give me all your extra mayo…

Sniff… sniff…

Love you girls,


X x x

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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

2 thoughts on “Missing my girls

  1. In JHB, waiting to move onto Istanbul and then finally Venice. Love the post babe!!! It made me laugh and tear up a little at the same time. Miss you already. Love love xxx

    1. Istanbul airport is super-boring… worse than KL, but they’ve got this one store that sells fuckloads of Turkish delight – and they’ve got sample bowls out of almost all of it! Go dig in.

      Love you,

      xL x x x

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