Get rid of red wine ‘smile’ fast

So did ya’ll have a good Easter?

I’ve just returned from a lovely li’l break to Umhlanga were I watched my boyfriend’s bestie tie the knot. The wedding was at the uber-lush Oyster Box Hotel and was beyond beautiful with seriously awesome food. (The buffet included a deliciously hot curry and mini lemon meringue pies!)

Nickle Pickle and moi. (Nicci's one of my best friends and its her boet - who's my boy's bestie - that got married... to another Nicci! It's always a bit incestuous with us PE folk... )

Anyhoo, while there, I learned a seriously rad trick from a v. lovely chica; when you’ve turned your teeth a zexy shade of blue-grey thanks to too much red wine, give them a good rub with half a lemon wedge. Any good bar man will be happy to hand one over… Just a few swipes and you’ll be back to gleaming white in no time flat.

Love it!

X x

P.S. I feel obliged to tell you all about my horrid Kulula experience… They delayed our flight up there by FOUR HOURS and then again on the way back home by SIX HOURS! Can you believe it?

Vok man... shoulda gone with 1Time...

Luckily, we managed to avoid the big homeward-bound delay by squeezing onto a BA flight, which meant the second delay was only two hours. (My best mate from high school who I haven’t seen in years had flown in from the UK and had to sit and wait for us at the Cape Town airport for hours on end…) Sjoe! It was all so stressful and they didn’t even give us a compensatory voucher…

Reckon they fly Kulula?

Won’t be flying Kulula again, that’s for sure…

X x x

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2 thoughts on “Get rid of red wine ‘smile’ fast

    1. I reckon it would work for any stain that you can get rid of with a good tooth brushing and nope, the lemon only stings if you’ve got a cut on your gums… or squirt it in your eye! ;-P x x x

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