Benefit Bella Bamba


I’ve just found out that Benefit have launched yet another sure to be smash hit blush box, Bella Bamba!

Check it out:

Bella Bamba, baby!

Does anyone know if this is available locally just yet? I can’t wait to try it out! Peeps are freaking out about it online, saying it’s a lot like cult classic NARS Orgasm, only punchier. And that if you loved Benefit Coralista, but wished for a little more pink, this is your baby.

For a really comprehensive review that will get your beauty motor’s revving, pop on over to Musings of a Muse. (That chick does some seriously awesome swatches….)

Can’t wait to see this on counter – apparently it smells yummy too, like fruit.

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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

2 thoughts on “Benefit Bella Bamba

    1. Hello cooks!

      I just searched for it in Woolies’ online shopping dept and see they’re still selling it for R395,00. spot&FullText=false

      It’s prob still in stores too, but perhaps they’re out of stock. I reckon you ask the chica at your local Benefit counter to get one couriered over from another store (this is a free service…).

      Alternatively, you could buy it on eBay. I see an Aussie seller is flogging it for less than R250,00, including shipping.

      Good luck,



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