Mooi highlights, ek se!

Finally got to see my hairdresser, Andret, the queen of Mooi, this morning.

Gorgeous Andret, my hair hero.

Still can’t believe I had to take a half day’s leave from work to get an appointment to see her, but it’s the only time she could squeeze me in. Girl is cray-zee busy!

So hot! You know your boyfriend wants me…


Right now she’s selling these rad L’Oreal Professionel haircare hampers. For R430,00, you can get two hair products and they’ll throw in a third one free.

This is the set for colour treated hair. There's a kit for every hair type. Especially yours...

She’s also totally obsessed with a new hair care line called Pureology. ‘It’s the best shampoo I’ve ever come across’, she says, adding that you only have to use it once and your turns as soft as silk. ‘It’s very natural, doesn’t contain any sulphates and is 100% vegan – but even if you took all that out of the picture I’d still love it just because it makes your hair feel so good – silky, but not pap‘.  

Pureology. If Andret says it's good, I'll sommer drink it.

‘It’s also nice and concentrated, so you only need to use a little and… IT ACTUALLY FOAMS!’

Andret is, like, suuuper into hair. You should’ve heard her. When she said ‘it foams’ her voice actually went up by a good three pitches, the same way my girls and I sound we say stuff like  ‘He’s an orthapedic surgeon, looks like Dean from Supernatural… AND HE’S SINGLE!!!’

Just looove that my hairdresser is a little bit cray-cray for a good product and really knows her shizz – often shampoos that don’t contain sulphates don’t get nice and foamy. This is because most of them make use of sodium lauryl sulphate, a foaming agent…)

Anyhoo… here’s her top hair care tip for summer: ‘If you’re going to spend time in the sun, use anti-fade hair mask. The sun will help it to penetrate your hair even more, so you’ll get a nice treatment and protect your hair colour at the same time’.  Naturally, he mask du jour is Pureology Hydrate HydraCure, an intensive moisturising treatment for dry, colour treated hair.

I’m now off to the gym to sweat off the day’s choccie binge. I’m blaming the unravelling of my Healthy Eating Plan on the way I started this morning; all Mooi customers are treated to a delicious little cupcake. And yes, Andret actually bakes them herself…

Breakfast of champions!


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