House of Fashion’s Only One launch party

Just got back from schimlingling at the launch of Only One  at The House of Fashion in Loop Street. It’s a very cool concept in that it’s an invitation only fashion club. This means you have to get invited or fill out an application form to join. But once you’re in, you get to book shopping appointments with a personal stylist who’ll help you browse a zillion unbelievably beautiful rokkies sourced from overseas. They’re all gorgeous, stand alone stunners and will be fitted to your bod, so you end up waltzing out with a uniquely beautiful piece.

I snapped a few piccies so you can soak up some of the fabulousness..

Heaven... I'm in heaven...


The rail o' dreams...


PR doll Jules Illing from The Little Black Book models one of the beautiful beaded creations, R1600.


A model gal (who's name I didn't get) in an eye catching sparkly number.

Michelle Radowsky, fashion stylist for the Only One’s showroom, says that this season, big trends are ‘coral, nudes and animal print’. She also reckons anything with ‘biker chic’ embellishment is a winner – think zips and studs. ‘Safety pins are huuuge’, she said.

The leopard print number Michelle is holding is one of her favourites. A bold, zexy choice that will set you back R1300.

I also got to chat to model Tracy McGregor.  

The beautiful Ms McGregor. She's even more gorgeous in the flesh, making me inclined to hate her... but she's just too darn nice...

She let me in on a little secret… that killer tan she’s always rocking isn’t real – girl says she never, ever puts her face in the sun. Instead, she creates a realistic-looking faux glow using Smashbox Sheer Focus tinted moisturiser topped with Benefit’s Hoola bronzing powder. ‘When I take off my make-up, I’ve got this super white face…’, she reveals.

Wanna get your glow on McGregor sister style? Benefit Hoola's your baby!

I also bumped into Tanya Nefdt, etv’s intrepid news reporter. As it turns out, we’re both obsessed with Estee Lauder’s new Tom Pecheux Pure Colour lip gloss. ‘I love that it sticks around, but isn’t sticky’, she says. ‘When I’m out in the field, I can’t have my hair flying into my face and sticking to my mouth’.

Breaking news: Estee Lauder's new Pure Colour gloss is the shizz...

We then did a little gloss swap…

Tanya's wearing my Pure Colour gloss in Wired Copper and I'm wearing hers in Passionfruit. (It's still on my lips as I type and I like the shade so much I reckon I'm going to snap it up this weekend...)

Something else I saw and loved? These babies!

These beautiful FCUK tan wedges were spotted on the feet of Emily, Marie Claire's fashion assistant.

Overall, this was a fab eve of fashion, glam and gorgeousness. I’m now off to bed to dream of this little darling…

'I love you auntie Leigh! Take me home... you're life won't be complete without me...'

Love, love


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3 thoughts on “House of Fashion’s Only One launch party

  1. Benefit’s blush range are a dream. Their Coralista blush is perfect for those with a paler skin (a la me) who also want a bit of colour x

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