Levi’s have a fab new women’s denim collection

Levi’s have just launched an all new women’s denim collection made up of their original 700 series and newer curvy-fit 800 series and singer/song writer Alicia Keys is the face.


I loved those grey 711 Skinny jeans second from the right.

To celebrate the launch, the brand invited media to try the styles on before touching up our make-up and hair for an impromptu photo shoot.

Big primpin'.

Big primpin’.


A little touch up

A little liner.


Lights... camera...

Lights… camera…


Shoot time

Twitter – check! Instagram – check! Faceboo – oh, wait, I’m not 47…

I tried on a pair of 711 Skinny jeans but felt it was a bit too high waisted for me (even though it’s billed as mid rise) so thought I’d give the 811 Curvy Skinnies a bash to see if it say any lower. As it turns out, it didn’t, but I was so impressed with the way it ‘felt’ that I was totally sold.

Oh yeah

They’re only bunching at my knees ‘cos they’re ever so slightly too long for me. A very easy fix.

I honestly had no I idea my body type would be better suited to a curvy cut. Secretly, I’d always thought curvy was just a polite way of saying ‘big ass’, but surprise, surprise, my hips don’t lie and curvy is my most comfy fit. If your shape happens to curve outwards, even in the slightest, I encourage you to try these babies on. You might be surprised like I was.

Like I said, they do sit higher up on my body than I’m used to but it’s not like I’m running around in crop tops. The majority of my tops sit low enough for me to not have to worry about looking short-waisted.

Happy, happy!

Happy, happy!

One last plus? I love the ‘feel’ of the denim – it’s super stretchy, but nice and thick, so it hugs your butt in a way that flatters. Also, I’ve worn them three times now without washing and they’ve yet to get baggy or lose their shape the way other stretchy skinnies can.

To see what each new style looks like, check out the piece I created for All4Women.co.za over here.

Love, love,


Pigalle restaurant’s epic winter special continues

Guess where I’ve been eating while flexing the mooi camera muscles of my HTC One M9?

Ah, now that just gives it away, mos.

Ah, now that just gives it away, mos.

Every time I visit Pigalle, I tell myself I’ll step out of my ‘routine’ and won’t order the trinchado (R79) and a garlic roll (R12) but I do. Every single time.

It's because it's the best garlic roll in Cape Town. Maybe the world even.

It’s because it’s the best garlic roll in Cape Town. Maybe the world even.

Same goes for their epic trinchado but it’s time to branch and try new things. Like this boy…

Pear salad

Caramelised pear and almond salad (R64).

I’m not a huge salad person as I’m weird about eating leaves. The only ones I can handle are cos lettuce when it’s drenched in Caesar dressing and spinach on a good day and this was a very good day for the baby spinach in this little gem. It’s smothered in a sweet creamy Dijon mustard dressing that pairs beautifully with the buttery avo, fresh pears and toasted almonds. I was supposed to split it with my leaf lovin’ pescatarian friend Jocelyn and she kakked me out by eating pretty much every leaf in the dish! Can we get a #sorrynotsorry over here, please?

As far as meaty mains go, the winner of late just has to be the beef fillet with mustard mush, wilted spinach and balsamic jus (R190).

Heaven on a plate

Heaven on a plate

…followed closely by the slow-roasted lamb shank served with beef sauce and mashed potatoes (R190).

Pigalle's gravy is everything.

People often throw around the word ‘fall off the bone’, but here is where it’s 100% correct.

More of a sea food peep? Their teriyaki salmon (R180) is a dream come true…

Hello you!

Hello you!

..as is the grilled sole smothered in creamy prawn sauce (R200).


Sole is my favourite line fish so I order it a lot and this is the best I’ve eaten in ages.

As far as desserts go, my heart will always belong to Pigalle’s incredible chocolate fondant, but their creme brulee (R56) is definitely worth a sneaky affair.

Can we get a round of applause for presentation, please?

Can we get a round of applause for presentation, please?

If you’re looking to abuse a killer winter restaurant special, Pigalle’s is where it’s at – 2 courses for R210 (R250 with wine) or 3 for R240 (R290 with wine). Throw a garlic roll in there like we did and you’re golden.



Love, love


P.S. Pigalle’s currently also running a seafood platter special. It’s just R495 for two and includes TWO Natal lobster tails. Yes, please!

Beauty bites: Hey Gorgeous body scrub, Cetaphil cleansing cloths and TRESemme Platinum Strength shampoo and conditioner

Last week Hey Gorgeous sent me two ‘wintery’ scented body products to trial – Vanilla & Cinnamon body mousse and Vanilla Chai body scrub (prices TBA).

Hey Gorgeous Spicy Chai & Vanilla body scrub and

Hey Gorgeous Spicy Chai & Vanilla body scrub and Warm Vanilla & Cinnamon whipped mousse

I wasn’t a big fan of the Vanilla & Cinnamon scent. While I adore cinnamon, I found the vanilla aspect a little too sweet. Still, from a formulation point of view, I liked that it absorbed into my skin (which isn’t dry) like a dream. I like that the ingredients are all ‘natural beauties’ that are good at their jobs – hydrating Shea butter, jojoba and coconut oil with a dash of antioxidant vitamin E. Also, Hey Gorgeous really wasn’t afraid to gooi lots of cinnamon in here (which I really like) and it’s the kind that reminds me of those fireball sweets my sister and I used to be crazy about as a kid. If they made a purely cinnamon product I’ll happily snap it up.

The body scrub, however, is a gem in that, again, there’s vanilla in the mix, but it’s not too sweet and even if it were, so what? For me, in-shower or bath body products can get as potent as they like provided I leave that scent in the bathroom and don’t have it wear it on my skin all day. This is the case with the scrub and I like that.


Hey Gorgeous Spicy Chai & Vanilla body scrub

I also really like that it’s nice and scrubby! My worst is any scrub that simply doesn’t have enough scrubbies in it. I want something that’s going to strip my body of old self-tan like a boss and Hey Gorgeous’ does the trick. I don’t adore that it’s oil-based as having to wash that off afterwards with a very strippy soap is a chore, but if you’ve got dry skin and like the supple post-cleanse feeling oil-based products provide you’ll be as happy as a clam.

In other news, Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleansing cloths are now available in South Africa.


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

If you’re one of the brand’s many fans you’ll be glad to know you can now get a fix of your favourite cleanser in super convenient wipe format. Each wipe takes of dirt and non-waterproof make-up with ease and leaves your skin feeling clean but not ‘stripped’.

Cetaphil’s uber-gentle formula promises to play nicely with even sensitive skin and I can vouch for this as recent retinol/AHA binge-fest on my chin to blitz a pimple had left the area sensitized. While the fragranced baby wipes I often reach for stung, Cetaphil’s wipes didn’t.

The seal and plastic flap help ensure your wipes never dry out.

The seal and plastic flap help ensure your wipes never dry out.

For the record, there’s also a teensy dash of soothing allantoin in the mix but Cetaphil’s wipes can also be lauded for what they don’t include – namely fragrance, alcohol and soap.

The only downer here is that at R99 for just 25 clothes it’s a bit of a wallet crusher and works out to just under R4 a wipe. Still, if you’re not budget-conscious or only use wipes here and there as opposed to several times a week like I do, this is a nice pick.

Last but not least, TRESemme have a new collection on the shelves called Platinum Strength.

TRESemme Platinum Strength shampoo, conditioner and treatment

TRESemme Platinum Strength shampoo, conditioner and treatment

It aims to repair up to two year’s worth of damage in five washes but that’s not something I’m paying any attention to. You can’t measure damage in years as it’s too broad a term and there are thousands of ways you can damage your hair. In fact, I can damage my hair to the max with just a few minutes in a bleach bath, so come now, let’s not be silly.

Also, when they make this claim, they’re quick to add that their conditioner was trialled against a ‘non-conditioning shampoo’ so they could be comparing their product to bloody dish washing liquid for all I know. Odd, odd, odd.

But all that aside, Platinum Strength is a very nice sham and con for anyone with dry hair that’s prone to frizz as it makes use of loads of silicone. In this way it reminds me a lot of Pantene’s Smooth & Sleek collection so if you’re a fan of that, you might want to try TRESemme’s offering too. Just make sure you use a clarifying shampoo every now and then as the imminent silicone build up will be a hair-sleekening joy at first, but could end up weighing your locks down if you don’t give it the odd break.

If, however, you’re dealing with very damaged hair and looking for solutions I’d encourage you to invest in that with a protein-rich salon treatment like Joico K-Pak which is triple the price of TRESemme, but contains hair strengthening keratin that can fortify your hair until you grow it out and chop it off – the only way to truly get rid of severe ‘damage’.

See anything you’re keen to try?

Love, love


A look at Essie’s new winter collection, Jiggle Hi Jiggle Lo

When I first laid eyes on Essie’s 2015 winter collection my first impressions were that it wasn’t particularly wintery. I mean sure, the obligatory rooi was there (two in fact) but what on earth was up with the white shade? And that pale peach? Ag nee, man, Essie. What’s going on there?

Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Lo

Essie’s Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Lo winter 2015 collection

Still, the more I’ve played around with it, the more it’s grown on me. I kind of like that they broke the mould a little. And somehow the peach shade, Bump up the Pumps, actually works on my pale, corpse-like winter fingers but I’m still going to put it aside to wear in summer.

But let’s kick things off with a look at my absolute favourite hue of the bunch, the fantastically creamy cherry red Jump in my Jumpsuit.


Essie Jump in my Jumpsuit

Whenever I wear this colour (which is often) I get compliments and have women asking me what it is. The pigmentation is fabulous. One coat and you’re covered. Another and you’re good to go. It’s actually the same story with the other red in the collection, Double Breasted Jacket.

Essie Doublebreasted Jacket

Essie Double Breasted Jacket

Double Breasted Jacket is a lighter, more yellow-toned red that’s a bit more day time and ‘cheerful’ than the sexier Jump in my Jumpsuit. Again, it’s a great 2-coater.

Now let’s check out the rest of the gang:


From left to right you’re looking at Jiggle Hi Jiggle Lo, Tuck it in my Tux, Back in the Limo and Bump up the Pumps.

Two things you should know? The first is that Jiggle Hi Jiggle Lo is fab as, despite being super duper shimmery, it goes on perfectly evenly without showing any brush strokes, a common shimmer polish dilemma. The second is that you’re going to need multiple coats of Tuck it in my Tux and Back in the Limo to get things looking opaque.

See anything you like? Each shade is available in Dis-Chem, Clicks, Foschini and selected salons for R125 a bottle.

Love, love


Totalsports, sportscene and Due South have all joined The Foschini Group’s online mall

Oh hey there, Sporty Spice, I’ve got some good news for you – sportscene, Totalsports and Due South have set up shop in The Foschini Group’s (TFG) online mall.

The sporty trio’s current mall buddies are @home and the mobile store hi but TFG aims to have all of its stores online by 2018 which will be here tomorrow at the rate this blerrie year is flying. TFG online mall perks? You can shop from any stores and check out with just one basket and choose whether to pay with your credit card, store card or a combination of both.

I was given a voucher to blow in the mall after attending the recent launch and went the leetlest bit cray, snapping up a fab Addidas track top, Totalsports leggings and Puma high tops. Fab for trekking up the stairs to the roof of my building for an awkward as all hell photo shoot with my long-suffering budding photographer cousin.

Because I always hit the gym in a big ass statement necklace...

Because I always hit the gym in a big ass statement necklace…


...and full make-up.

…and full make-up.


Which is fine 'cos I'm only there to do stretches and look pretty for boys.

Which is fine ‘cos I’m only there to fake girlie stretches and look pretty for boys.


Hello boys!

Ooh, I think he likes me…*


Oh wait, he's only checking out my Pumas. Totes understandable 'COS THEY'RE HOT AS BALLS.

Oh wait, he’s only checking out my Pumas. Totes understandable ‘COS THEY’RE HOT AS BALLS.

Currently You can also pre-order products and the store’s delivery partners aim to have your order at your door within three to five working days, with express delivery as an option for major centres.

Keen to get shopping? Currently all orders over R500 quality for free delivery. The store’s delivery partners aim to have your shizzle at your door within 3 to 5 working days but I ordered mine that night and it arrived the very next day. Love that!

Love, love


*For the record those specs on my pants aren’t fabric pulls – the material’s top-notch – I’d just been sitting on a super sandy bench.

Review: Noreva Trio White Night-Time Intensive Depigmenting Care

Spoiler alert: The majority of drug store pigmentation solutions are rubbish. (There, I said it!) Many of them feel adding the teensiest dash of melanin-inhibiting niacinimide to the mix justifies a skin-tone evening claim which often just isn’t enough. Noreva’s Trio White Night-Time Intensive Depigmenting Care (R339,99, Clicks and selected dermatologists), however, takes a multi-pronged approach and its actives are listed towards the top of their ingredients lists, not the bottom.

Noreva Trio White

Noreva Trio White Night-Time Intensive Depigmenting Care

For the record, Noreva do that annoying thing where they lump their ingredients in complexes and give them awkward names like Reductol and Vita C2G, none of which can be easily googled. However, if I look at the ingredients on the box, I can see it contains nice quantities of alpha-arbutin and ascorbyl glucoside, a form of vitamin C that’s more stable and powerful than many of the other types. (The whole stability thing doesn’t mean it’s less prone to a psychotic break, only that it’s less likely to break down when exposed to light and air and can thus work for longer in your skin.)

But to get back to alpha-arbutin. This is a very safe form of naturally occurring hydroquinone derived from Bearberry leaves. Of the two arbutins out there – alpha and beta – alpha is your baby as it’s been clinically proven to inhibit melanin production and is the much more stable of the two. As for ascorbyl glucoside, this is a great antioxidant that can also help inhibit the formation of melanin while assisting with your skin’s natural collagen creation process.

Noreva have a day time treatment in this line but the night-time formulation is far superior. Also, there’s nothing stopping you from using it in the day. Just slap on a sunscreen and off you go. The texture is great – a gel-creme that’s light enough to not to encourage the oilies in anyone with a combination skin type.

Love, love


Review: Human + Kind orange conditioner for dry hair and hand + elbow + foot cream

Human + Kind is a nice line of ‘chemical-free’ and cruelty-free skin and haircare products made using all-natural ingredients. There are no colourants, parabens or perfumes in the mix, making their goodies a good pick for sensitive skin. Then there’s the super pretty packaging. I love that the greener, ‘organic’ trend has opened the door to more mainstream natural products and that their packaging no longer translates to ‘ugly brown box in a hessian sack wrapped up with a bit o’ twine’. I’ve recently tried the Human + Kind orange conditioner for dry hair (R124,99, Wellness Warehouse) and it’s a mother truckin’ super star.

Human + Kind conditioner for dry hair

Human + Kind Orange conditioner for dry hair

Formulated with moisturising aloe leaf juice, Shea butter, avocado oil and grapeseed oil, it’s aimed at a dry hair type. However, it did a great job of hydrating my colour-treated oil-prone fine hair and left it easy to brush while wet but didn’t weigh it down in the least. The best bit, however, is the way it smells. While the products are perfume-free (meaning fragrance isn’t added to the formula) the conditioner contains a nice quantity of sweet orange oil that gives it the most delicious ‘clean’, uplifting scent. You won’t really smell it if you sniff it in the tube or after you’ve washed your hair, but when you squeeze it out it blooms like a magnificent flower, so much so that I like to rub my palms together, hold them up to my face and just breath it in a few times before applying it to my hair, the same way a massage therapist often asks that you inhale their oils. It goes a long way towards making the super mundane act of giving my hair it’s daily wash feel like an indulgent spa treatment. Another goodie? The brand’s Hand + Elbow + Foot cream (R89,99, Wellness Warehouse).


Human + Kind Hand + Elbow + Foot cream

Again, it’s chocful of natural hydrators like glycerin, avocado oil, cocoa seed and Shea butter as well as soothing calendula oil. It’s got a lighter texture than you’d expect of something to moisturise a tough area like an elbow and doesn’t contain any exfoliating urea so I’ve been using it solely as a hand cream. I like that it’s non-greasy, absorbs in a flash and leaves my hands feeling super comfortable.

It doesn’t have any particular scent, which is sad, because I quite like mooi-smelling body products, but ag wat, it’s a lustable all the same, if only because it rakes in a lot of ‘ooh, that’s pretty’ when I pull it from my handbag.

To learn more about the line and find a stockist near you, visit the brand’s local website. The .com site, however, has more info on each product including a full ingredients list.

Love, love