Want a new ghd? Now’s the time to buy as they’re 25% off

It looks like South Africa’s getting a little more globalised as I’m seeing more and more ‘Black Friday’ sales pop up, the most exciting being ghd’s. The brand’s just lopped a whopping 25% off selected straighteners online so if you’ve been meaning to buy, now’s the time.

Prices start from as little as R1 614.15 for their IV styler and their gorgeous limited edition vintage pink styler (a V model) is now R1,799,25 as opposed to R2 399. Read my write up on that over here.

Pretty pretty!

Pretty pretty and now cheap cheap too!

The sale ends on the 30th of November so you’ve got five days to shop, shop, shop. Go get ’em girls!

Love, love


Heard about Picodi? It’s a great money-saving tool if you like to shop online

I don’t know about you but I’m a serious online shopper. If I can buy it with just a few clicks and have it delivered to my door the next day I’m in consumer heaven. Also, even when I am faced with the odd delivery cost (which is thankfully getting rarer in South Africa these days) I don’t mind too much as I’m saving on petrol and parking, not to mention precious time.

If, like me, you often buy things from overseas stores, you’ll know Americans are all about coupons. So much so that, before I pay for my purchase, I’ll always have a google to find a coupon code online and more often than not I do. The last one I used saw me score 20% off on a slew of Forever 21 cocktail dresses so that was a real winner. (For the record, Forever 21 online offers sooo much more than the dregs served up in our local store.)

But ja. Let’s cut to the chase – there’s a new site in town called Picodi that features a host of local coupon codes and they relate to stores we all love. Think Spree, YuppieChef, Makro, Takealot and Loot!

Just a quick squizz this morning reveals up to R1 500 off a Nespresso machine at YuppieChef…

…and 25% off all womenswear, clothing, shoes and accessories at Spree!

While many of the stores will tell you about their specials on their site, it’s great to be able to hit up Picodi first to get an overview of what’s going on in all your favourite stores before you head off to the ones offering specials that temp you to break out the credit card.

Speaking of which, don’t forget that this Friday is Black Friday. While we don’t celebrate it in SA, it’s America’s biggest ‘shopping holiday’ so pretty much every US online store is going to be holding crazy rock bottom sales. If you were planning on grabbing a little somethin’ somethin’ from off shore now’s the time to do it. As it is, Amazon’s already started their sale!

Love, love


Keen to win a fragrance gift box for your man? Foschini and their fab Christmas beauty gift collection are helping me play Santa

This Christmas Foschini’s making a name for itself as a beauty gift destination du jour with a host of indulgent gift sets, the most spoilicious of them all being their fragrance gift boxes. Each box contains a selection of popular fragrance samples and a voucher to snap up a full-size bottle of the scent you like best.

Caption: Designer fragrance gift box for her R665, Deluxe fragrance gift box for her R1 050, Designer fragrance gift box for him R790 and Prestige fragrance gift box for him R995.

Caption: Designer fragrance gift box for her R665, Deluxe fragrance gift box for her R1 050, Designer fragrance gift box for him R790 and Luxury fragrance gift box for him R995.

Personally, I’ve got my eye on the Deluxe gift box for her (but of course!) as it includes a whopping 13 fragrances as well as a free mini Estee Lauder mascara. The box is partially hidden so I thought I’d be a doll and list what’s in it for you: Giorgio Armani Si (love!), Thierry Mugler Alien (love even more!), Estée Lauder Modern Muse, Dolce & Gabbana The One, Gucci Guilty, Versace Eros, YSL Black Opium, JPG Classique, Lancome La Vie est Belle (yes, please!), Roberto Cavalli, Burberry My Burberry, Bulgari Aqua Divinia and Burberry Brit Rhythm.

Another gem I’d totally toss into my fantasy trolley? The Big Kahuna that is Elizabeth Arden’s Blockbuster kit to give to my mom. (‘Cos every mom loves a Blockbuster set, right?)


The mooi red make-up bag contains 2 eye shadow and blush palettes, a powder, mascara, 4 lipsticks, 2 lipglosses, 2 lip liners, 2 eye liners and eye make up remover for only R1 995!

For the record, that Beautiful Colour Lash Enhancing mascara, is one of my top five favourites. Also, Arden’s ultra creamy eye pencils, make-up remover and make-up brushes are some of the nicest money can buy.

Moving on, I’d also snap up this Angel gift set for my Mugler-lovin’ little sis.


Thierry Mugler Angel gift set containing 50ml EDP, 100ml body lotion and 100ml shower gel for R1 050.

If you’re an Angel fan, you’ll know that the body lotion is magnificently potent. It’s the perfect veil on days when you’re craving the scent but don’t want to go the full Monty.

I’d then nab this Lancome La Vie est Belle gift set for my bestie Karisa. She’s been wearing this heady floral-gourmand fragrance for a while now and we both agree it’s like catnip for boys.

lacome la vie

Lancome La Vie Est Belle gift set containing a 50ml EDP, 50ml body lotion, mini mascara and pouch for R1 200.

Last, but not least, because I’m a selfish cow, I’d grab another item for myself, the Dolce & Gabbanna Light Blue gift set. I’ve been enjoying a seriously retro love affair with this now classic fragrance after being given the latest limited edition incarnation, Sunset in Salinas.

 Light Blue gift set containing a 100ml EDT, 100ml body cream and 7,4ml roller ball EDT for R1 330.

Light Blue gift set containing a 100ml EDT, 100ml body cream and 7,4ml roller ball EDT for R1 330.

In short, Foschini has a very nice selection of beauty gifts to help you treat your friends, fam and even yourself this Christmas so be sure to browse them online over here.

Win! Win! Win!

‘Tis the season for giving so it totally makes sense to give something away which is why I have TWO of the men’s fragrance boxes to give away – the Designer one and the Luxury one – to help you spoil the man you love the most this Christmas.

You know he's going to love it!

You know he’s going to love this!

To enter, simply leave me a comment below telling me which is your favourite male fragrance in either of the boxes. The other way to win is to hit me up on twitter with the following: ‘Hey @lipglossgirl! I’d love to win a male fragrance gift box from Foschini’s fab Christmas collection’ and be sure to include the link to this post.

This competition closes at 5pm on Friday 27 November 2015.

Good luck girls!

Love, love


Update: This competition is now closed. A big congrats to Cindy Alfino and @samiolawrites on each winning a Foschini fragrance gift box for the their favourite (lucky) man. 


Review: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack

I’ve been in Thailand for a week now and my hair’s starting to feel it. Too much sun, sea and heavily chlorinated hotel pool water are starting to take it’s toll so I’m glad I stashed a repairitive hair mask in my suitcase – Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack. As it’s packaged in a handy sachet it was ideal to travel with.

I don't have the press release on me but think this guy's just R22.

I don’t have the press release on me but think this guy’s just R22.

I’ve dipped into it a few times and have been quite impressed with it. It doesn’t weigh down my baby fine, tangle-prone colour treated hair in the least but leaves it easy to brush while wet and looking healthy and sleek while dry. I also adore it’s subtle, ‘beachy’ coconut scent that smells just like the yummy coconut ice cream I ate last night while strolling through Koh Samui’s red light district with my folks, as you do.

From an ingredients point of view, you’re looking at all the good stuff – hydrolized keratin (protein particles made super small so it can penetrate your hair shaft), moisturising coconut oil, smoothing silicone, a dash of antioxidant vitamin E and even a smidge of softening urea.

It’s not going to bring seriously damaged hair back from the dead, but if you’re looking for a cheap as chips hydrating hair mask that likes to travel, know that this guy’s a goodie.

Love, love


Body lotions are everywhere! Body lotions are pouring from the sky!

Can you tell I wrote that headline while a sleeping tablet was kicking in?

A bunch of body lotions have crossed my desk, the first being Kiehl’s Creme du Corps Soy Milk & Honey whipped body butter (R685, selected Edgars stores) in ultra-bright limited edition packaging that’s just in time for Christmas.

Mooi, ne?

Mooi, ne?

A creamy, dreamy mix of Shea and jojoba butter, beta carotene (a vitamin A-derived antioxidant) plus natural plant oils like avo and almond, Kiehl’s butter boasts an air-whipped texture and a yummy vanilla-honey scent. Despite really bringing it in the hydration department, it aforementioned moussey texture sees it absorbing rather fast.

As I don’t really have a dry skin type I plan to hide this boy away and then break him out in the middle of winter. It’s the kind of thing that’d be a real treat to use on a cold winter’s day after a hot bath. If you’ve got a drier skin type, however, this dude’s an every day gem.

Next up, Optiphi have created another variant of their popular Body Curve body lotion called Evergreen (R365, selected salons and Yemaya online). I can’t find a plant extract called ‘Evergreen’ so I’m assuming it’s just the name of the scent that, to my nose, just smells very ‘clean’ and ‘green’.

Can you tell I snapped this piccie in Thailand?

Can you tell I snapped this piccie in Thailand?

Formulation-wise, this light, creamy lotion is also a fast-absorber that makes use of Shea butter, soothing allantoin, a teensy dash of exfoliating lactic acid and a smidge of ‘true cinnamon’ extract, a good circulation-booster with antibacterial properties that can slow down glycation (the stiffening of collagen).

Oh! And here’s a special alert for you – if you buy any Optiphi products to the value of R2000 in the months of November or December, you’ll score a free Evergreen body lotion, mini gym towel and canvas shopper bag.

Lastly, Clere have extended their body lotion (R15,99) and body creme (R22,99) lines to include three new variants – Soothing Aloe & Moringa (green and fresh for summer), Pampering Powder Fresh (pure baby powder – leave it to your gran) and Luscious Tropical Cocoa Butter (a mix of citrus, coconut and musk – sooo not your typical cocoa butter).

They're also selling notebooks with my name on it, but that's a lie.

They’re also selling notebooks with my name on it, but that’s a lie.

Clere is a good example of how you don’t have to shell out a fortune for something as simple as a decent body lotion. From a formulation point of view, it’s made using glycerine with a dash of vitamin A and E – ingredients that are much the same as a zillion other higher end body lotions that you’ll pay more for simply because they target a higher LSM. (An LSM, for those of you who didn’t go to a fancy pants advertising school like I did, is an acronym for ‘Living Standard Measure’. When you flick your pen around in a meeting and say ‘Well yes, James, we have jacked up the price of that bog standard washing powder but we’re targeting a higher LSM. Didn’t you see the golden plastic scoop?’

So, like I said, Clere, despite the fact that it costs less than a KFC Crunch burger, is a nicely formulated body lotion that’s good at it’s job. While I dislike most Cocoa Butter scents I was impressed by theirs. It’s really more of a warm, creamy vanilla-type scent that dare I say it, reminds me a bit of Kiehl’s.

Now tell me, are you a product snob or do you only care that your beauty products work like a boss? Please feel free to share any of your bargain basement beauty finds in the comments section below. I’d looove to hear about them. Off the top of my head I can already think of three – Innoxa Spot Drops, Chinese store ‘mood lipstick’ that works with the pH of your skin and Mediscalp conditioner. I have no clue whether the latter is still around – it used to come in a revolting-looking yellow plastic tub – but I’ll always be grateful for how it managed to bring my bleach bath-damaged hair back from the brink of death when I was a poor student who can’t afford to buy a Kit Kat, let alone Kerastase.

Love, love


They did what?! Don’t let that unscrupulous PR steal your shizz

This one goes out to all my fellow bloggers.

A little while back, my friend Candice attended the Cintron Pink Polo and was met with a nasty surprise at the door – a sign informing her that, upon entering, any photographs she posted on social media would belong to the PR and that they could use her intellectual property as they wished.


There are a zillion reasons as to why that’s every level of wrong and Candice has done a great job of rolling them out on her blog, A Gorgeous Life. If you’re a blogger or a PR, get clicky clicky over here. Her post’s an absolute must-read.

Sadly, this event isn’t alone in it’s unethical treatment of bloggers (and attendees in general) and Candice’s post, as well as the comments section, serve up a few tips on how you can protect yourself from being taken advantage of.

Aside from reading her post, I’d like to encourage you to share it on social media as well as to add your voice to her comments section. Also, if you ever end up at an event where you’re faced with such a sign I’d encourage you to leave and then explain to the PR via an e-mail as to why. I know that, if this ever happens to me, I’ll be doing exactly that.

Love, love


I’m off to Thailand (again)

Hi guys

You’ll have noticed I haven’t posted every day for a while now. The last few weeks have been a bit of a killer deadline-wise as I was juggling the scripting of a TV show, freelance ad agency work and zillions of friends and family visiting from overseas.

I’m now a burned out rag but on the upside, I’m off to Thailand (I know, I know! I just can’t stay away) and this time I’m treating my folks to the experience too. (They took me to Disney World when I was 12 which was the coolest thing ever so now it’s pay back time.)

Pretty pretty!

Pretty pretty!

I’ve got a few posts scheduled to go live while I’m a away, so don’t worry, the blog isn’t going to be a dead zone. I’ll also be connected via my Thai SIM the whole time so keep an eye on my twitter (@lipglossgirl) and Instagram accounts (@lipglossgirlxoxo) for a window into Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Samui. I always try to include useful information in my holiday posts when I can to help those considering a visit too.

Love, love