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But only just. This week’s been a bit of a killer work wise which is great for my ‘buy a house without a man’ plan, but not so good for my blog. But I’ll be back soon, I promise. Friday at the soonest and Monday at the latest.

Thanks for bearing with me!

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A closer look at Catrice’s new crop of pink products

It’s October which means it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month and, if you’re a beauty editor, it also heralds the beginning of The Onslaught o’ Pink. Still, this isn’t something I mind too much. In fact, I’m actually quite down with pink, even though I don’t always wear it every Wednesday. However, if that Mean Girls reference just flew over the top of your head you probably can’t sit with us. (See what I did there?)

Anyway, Catrice have been one of the first brands to hop on the pink bus, sending me a selection of rosy-hued mooiness to play with.

Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink

Of everything in the mix, I liked their Illuminating Highlighter Pen (R69,95). I initially thought this would be a touche eclat-style highlighter but it’s actually a shimmery silver pink fluid that reminds me a helluva lot of Benefit’s High Beam. If you were considering shelling out for that, you might want to take a look at this first.

Watch your back, Moonbeam!

Watch your back, High Beam!

I was disappointed with the Ultimately Stay (R89,95) in IrrCORALbly Pink. Stupid name aside, it really doesn’t last any longer than a regular lipstick which is a pity as the colour, a bright watermelon, is super pretty. Still, if you’re buying into it not expecting it to stick around you won’t be let down.

I actually can't bring myself to type that name again.

I actually can’t bring myself to type that name again.

I was more impressed with Catrice Shine Appeal fluid lipstick (R69,95) in Pink Macaron that, to me, is really just a nicely pigmented lip gloss. It’s a nice drug store pick for anyone who appreciates glosses that don’t feel sticky on the lips but still manage to sit tight until you eat or drink something. Also, if you’re familiar with Dior’s Addict Fluid Stick you’ll know exactly where Catrice drew ‘inspirasie‘ for their packaging…

Catrice Pink Macaron

Catrice Shine Appeal fluid lipstick in Pink Macaron

As for the Illuminating Blush (R69,95) in Kiss Me Ken, the colour looks very plummy and rather dark but suited my NC25 complexion as it’s super, duper sheer. So sheer, in fact, that you have to apply it with a very heavy hand to get it to show up. If you don’t mind sweeping at your face multiple times, you’ll end up with a super subtle violet-pink flush.

Catrice Illuminating blush in Kiss Me Ken

Catrice Illuminating blush in Kiss Me Ken

A real winner, however, was the Deluxe Trio eye shadow (R84,95) in Rose Vintouch. Each little orb serves up a satin-finish, easy-to-blend colour that, when teamed with a primer, lasts all day. They remind me a lot of Bourjois’ Smoky Eyes trio palettes. Just a heads up – I’ve tried Catrice’s bronzy-looking Deluxe Trio (Antique C’est Tres Chic) just the other day and found it had a serious ‘silver’ undertone to it which wasn’t ideal as I wanted something ‘warm’. This purple trio, however, are true to what they look like in the pan.


Catrice Deluxe Trio eye shadow in Rose Vintouch

Last but not least, we’ve got the Ultimate Nail Lacquer (R49,95) in All You Need Is Pink. A shimmery medium-tone watermelon, this colour doesn’t do it for me, but you should know it’s good quality at a very affordable price, as are most of Catrice’s nail products. I’m a big fan of Raspberry Fields Forever as it’s a good dupe for my beloved Essie Exotic Liras which has been a summer staple of mine for years.


Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in All You Need Is Pink

See anything you like?

Love, love


Review: Philip Kingsley No Scent No Colour shampoo and conditioner

You know how you get those people who are all like ‘Bleh! I hate lip gloss/lipstick/foundation with a scent!’ Well, I’m not one of those people. I actually almost feel a little cheated if I whip open a zexy new gloss and it doesn’t boast some kind of yummilicious fragrance. And a flavour’s even better. Also, things that have fragrance have never really bothered my skin. I’m not the sensitive type.

Still,  there are loads of people who don’t appreciate anything extra added to their products, be it due to allergies or just a preference and if that’s you you’re going to want to know about Philip Kingsley’s No Scent No Colour sham and con. The name’s pretty self explanatory – it’s going to wash and condition your hair and you’re not going to walk about smelling like an Amazonian rain forest – just clean.

Philip Kingsley No Scent No Colour shampoo and conditioner

Philip Kingsley No Scent No Colour shampoo and conditioner

The backstory here is that when trichologist* Philip’s wife was diagnosed with cancer, he became more aware of the lack of ultra mild products on the shelf so he whipped up paraben-free No Scent No Colour to gentle cleanse without the foaming agent sodium lauryl sulphate. Instead, it uses tea lauryl sulphate that still lathers, but doesn’t produce a lot of foam.

I’ve used the duo twice now and really liked how it cleansed in a way that left my hair feeling clean yet with just the right amount of hydration so that it was easy to brush while wet but still felt bouncy while dry.

At R419,95 for the shampoo and R499,95 for the conditioner (250mls each), it’s not exactly pocket-friendly, but if using incredibly gentle products free of any potential irritants is very important to you, you could consider it an investment. Also, there is a smaller size available if you’d like to try before you buy, but at R217 for 75ml, you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck if you go big.

Love, love


*That’s fancy speak for hair doc. Just so you know.

Woolworth’s JT One launches a super cute cosmetics line. Also, don’t forget about their big Beauty Festival

I’ve always liked Woolies’ super cute JT One underwear line and have actually learned quite a bit more about it as I spent much of my Sunday writing a segment about their recent launch into a luxe Australian department store, David Jones, for Top Billing. The JT One empire is also expanding locally to now serve up a small cosmetics line that includes nail polish, lip gloss and basic skin care items.

Hello, hello!

Hello, hello!

The nail polish, available in a eight fashion-forward shades with cute hashtag names like #Totes, certainly isn’t Essie quality but hey, at R29,95, who cares. You can slap on a rock solid top coat and you’re good to go.

The Glossy Boots lip gloss, however, is a regte gem.

Woolworths JT One Glossy Boots lip gloss

Woolworths JT One Glossy Boots lip gloss

I like that the formulation’s ‘thick’ enough to sit tight, but it isn’t super sticky. It’s also got a sweet, yummy scent that I’d describe as caramel apple and is decently pigmented enough to give your lips a nice wash of shiny-looking colour. No ‘hint of a tint’ that comes out looking like every other shade over here. No, sireee.

This shade's called #Cheeky.

This shade’s called #Cheeky.

Here’s an on lip shot below, applied to a nude mouth with no lip stain to act as a base.

It's now T minus 10 minutes until my sister What's Apps me to tell me I'm smiling like a dork in this photo. (Hi Mands!)

It’s now T minus 10 minutes until my sister What’s Apps me to tell me I’m ‘smiling like a dork’ in this photo. (Hi Mands!)

At R39,95 they’re a total steal which explains why they’re currently sold out online (if you’re shopping the Cavendish store like I am).

As for the body shizzle, the packaging is super cute and should go down well with any teenage girl as well as Peter Pan peeps like me who’ll never not appreciate a good ‘purple-unicorn-with-rhinestone-eyes’ MacBook cover. The It’s A Secret fruity 2-in-1 wash & scrub (R59,95) is supposed to smell like iced sugar and fruits but my nose just gets apples. While it’s touted as a scrub the micro beads aren’t in a concentration that’ll actually do anything so view this as a simple, clean-smelling ‘nice price’ shower gel and you won’t be disappointed.

Then there’s The Best Things In Life Are Free Friends flowery body butter, R69,95.

Is it fro-yo or body lotion? That is the question.

It looks like fro-yo, but if you eat it you might DIE. That’s just a heads up for the not so clever.

A glycerine and Shea butter-based medium weight gel-creme textured body cream, it’s got a very delicate fruity-floral scent disappears soon after application and contains microfine pearly-looking shimmer particles. (Don’t worry, fellow over 30s – these are visible in the tub, but almost imperceptible on your skin. You won’t be channeling Miley at a music festival.)

See? It's a glimmer more than a shimmer (thank God!)

See? It’s a glimmer more than a shimmer (thank God!)

I liked that this absorbed fast and while the packaging is super cute just make sure it remains upright because if you get product trapped in the rather deep through of the lid’s rim, it’ll ooze out every time you screw it closed. An OCD-person’s nightmare but nothing a good wipe out with cotton pads couldn’t resolve.

Like I said, don't eat this. You will DIE.

Just a little granola and a squeeze of honey and you’re good to go… if you want to DIE*.

Potentially murderous body products for the not so bright aside, you do know Woolies’ Beauty Festival’s still on, right? You can shop it over here. It runs until 4 October so there’s still time left to abuse their online exclusive gift with purchases and ‘buy two, get 20% off’ special if you’re a Woolies card holder.

Love, love


*Do you think Woolies will get my sense of humour?

Say hello to the next evolution in styling – the all new ghd platinum

If you’re a big ghd fan (i.e. a woman with hair), you’ll know the eclipse used to be the brand’s big kahuna. A styler so fierce, it could flatten pretty much anything. Now, however, it’s being discontinued in favour of a new super styler called the platinum (R2 899) that’s available in key salons as well as for pre-order online as I type before going into all ghd doors come the first week of October.

Hello girls!

Hello girls…


I know you want me!

…I know you want me!

So, what makes the platinum the most lustable styler on the block? Well, the biggest advancement is a ‘wishbone’ hinge that keeps plates perfectly aligned while allowing your hair to freely glide between them with zero worry of ever getting caught in the round hinge of other models.



Like the eclipse, the platinum also makes use of tri-zone technology – three sensors in each plate that ensures the optimum temperature is maintained evenly across each one, making it a real ‘one stroke wonder’. In fact, according to ghd, this can reduce hair breakage by 50-percent and increase your hair’s shine factor by up to 20-percent! (They have studies to back this up that relates to their styler which operates at a constant heat setting of 180 vs another that’s 230.)

There's no more switch to slide up. Pressing that button makes it glow.

You’ll see there’s no more switch to slide up. Pressing that button causes it to glow while the styler emits an expensive-sounding chime to indicate that it’s on. 

While it’s heating up, the button glows off and on. Once it’s fully heated, it chimes once more and the button’s light remains on. To turn it off, press the button again and hold it for a second. You can then put it to bed with a special little kappie that’s not going to melt ‘cos it’s made of silicone.

Thanks mom! What?! No kiss good night?!

Thanks mom! What?! No kiss good night?!

I attended the launch the other day held at a very mooi mansion huis in Camps Bay. (I’ve yet to determine whether the owner is of marriageable age and looking for love with a fun-loving blonde who makes a killer good spanakopita, but I’m working on it mostly by stalking.)

Views for days.

Views for days.


100% natural (and possibly organic) anti-stress medication.

My anti-stress medication.


Styling stations a go!

Styling stations in action.

I had the pleasure of getting my hair ‘did with the platinum. It did a fantastic job of creating shiny-looking waves in a flash.



Do we love?!


Shamefully, I still can’t create curls with a flat iron myself, but learning how is on my bucket list, sandwiched between ‘stop eating pizza in bed, you pathetic human being’ and ‘Kidnap Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and force him to love me’. (Don’t judge!) If you’d also like to learn and are quicker on the uptake than I am, perhaps this ghd tutorial video will sort you out:

I’ve since used it at home and love how it feels so light yet it’s crazy powerful, a lot like my MacBook Air. Much like the eclipse, its body also stays nice and cool as you work and yep, if you’re a loskop like me, always running out the door and leaving it on, you’ll be glad to know it shuts itself off after 30 minutes. This way, if you’re sharing a bank account with anyone, you can totally justify its purchase by referring to it as a literal life saver.

So, if you don’t yet own a ghd or you’re looking to upgrade, know that the platinum, which is perfect for all hair types including hard to style hair, is gently whispering your name while possibly hiding under your bed like a serial killer. (No that last bit’s a lie, I made it up. Please don’t be scared. But if it were true at least you’d die with seriously great hair and that’s basically winning at life.)

Love, love


Reviews: L’Oreal Super Liner Superstar liner, Catrice Pure Shine lip balm and Rimmel’s Lasting Finish by Kate Nude lipstick collection

L’Oreal, for the most part, have always whipped out fab eyeliners and their pocket-friendly newbie, Super Liner Superstar eye liner (R144,95), is no exception.

Recently Updated34

L’Oreal Super Liner Superstar eye liner in Black

It claims to have a ‘corseted tip’ but I honestly have no idea what that means and I don’t care. I just love that it’s got a super fine tip that allows precision but a long, exposed body so you can lie it flat and ‘drag’ it across your lid for ease of application. Also, depending on how you position it, you can create lines that are as fine or fat as you want.

The colour’s fab too – a zexy pitch black – but do note that this baby isn’t waterproof.

Moving on! I attended Freebees PR’s media day a while back and it’s going to take me a while to get through to massive sack o’ goodies they gave me. (Or the good ones anyway. I don’t just feature whatever I’m given. Only what’s good and I think you’d want to know about. Ain’t nobody got time for pooh mascara, yo! I need something that’s going to bring dem boys to the yard. And why on earth have I started talking like Rihanna? Can we get an emergency espresso over here please?!)

Anyway, one of the gems I’ve discovered is Catrice’s Pure Shine lip balm (R89,95, Dis-Chem) which is pretty much a dupe of Clinique’s infamous chubby sticks. I really like how the colour actually shows up, but is still sheer so you can slam it on while you’re driving with a devil may care attitude to where it ends up.

Latest beauty pics1

Catrice Pure Shine lip balm in SHADE.

Each shade feels hydrating on your lips, has decent staying power and a subtle sweet scent. (Lip crayons without scents and flavours bore the shizzle out of me. Do you feel the same?)

Finally, let’s talk about Rimmel’s new Lasting Finish by Kate (Moss) nude collection lippies (R89,95 each).


Each creamy-feeling shade is enriched with various plant extracts including soothing cucumber and chamomile.



From left to right: 41 (pink nude), 42 (apricot nude), 46 (olive nude), 43 (tan nude), 45 (rose nude) and 48 (dark nude).

As a super pale peep, none of these shades flatter me (hence the lack of on face shot) but if you’re big into nudes you might just meet your match.


From left to right: 41 (pink nude), 42 (apricot nude), 46 (olive nude), 43 (tan nude), 45 (rose nude) and 48 (dark nude).

For the record, it’s clear that olive nude is far more ‘apricoty’ than apricot nude and I’d have totally switched these two shade names around, but as I have it here it is correct. I’ve double checked.

See anything you like?

Love, love





Reviews: L’Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit, Essence #mymessage fragrances and limited edition Tangle Teezer Candy Floss

L’Oreal’s new Brow Artist Genius Kit (R169,95) is one of the best drugstore brow kits I’ve come across in ages. Years maybe.

Howzit, howzit!

Howzit, howzit!

It includes a wax to shape and as well as a powder to fill in. The latter works perfectly with the wax, which is the perfect amount of waxiness, by adhering to it in a way that looks super natural. Also, they give you the right tools for the job – a double-sided wand with a spooly end and an angled brush end. (You won’t believe how many kits come without the spooly bit meaning you have to run around with a separate wand to comb. Arrrgh!)

I like that it has a mirror too.

I like that it has a mirror too.

This shade duo is called ‘Medium to Dark’ and while it looks lighter in the piccie it actually pretty dark so it doesn’t really suit me. I’d need a shade lighter than this so I’m not going to show you an ‘on face’ shot as the mismatch will do it a misjustice, but trust me, if I didn’t have ten zillion other brow products in my make-up dungeon/unicorn barn, I’d definitely be snapping this up in a lighter shade.

Moving on, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that Essence has brought out a new line of fragrances called #mymessage.

Essence #mymessage

Clearly they’re aimed at a younger market, but hey!

While they look look cheap n’ cheerful, the fragrances surprised me by not smelling that way. I mean sure, these aren’t going to stand up to your Narciso’s and Alaias, but if you’re looking for a quick spritz to roll around in your hand bag or car’s cubby hole, they’ll hit the spot.

Of all the scents, I most liked Luck (pictured in my hand up top) as it’s a fresh, clean-smelling fruity-floral that isn’t too sweet. Notes-wise, you’re looking at kiwi, apple, blackcurrant, freesia, peach blossoms, woods, vanilla and musk. It’s a real ‘spray it on and go’ kind of scent.

Last of all, say hello to a new limited edition colour to the Tangle Teezer family – Candy Floss – available as both an Original and Salon Elite model.

Candy Floss

I should probably have shot this from the side, right?

Incidentally, candy floss is exactly what my micro-fine hair looks like if I don’t brush it out before it dries which is why I’ll ensure I live and die with a Tangle Teezer  But ja. This pretty pink and white honey lamb is sure to make Barbie proud and looks rather mooi on my dresser as my room’s a zillion different shades of white.

Interestingly, this is the first time I’ve gotten to use a curved Salon Elite Tangle Teezer. (I’ve always preferred the slightly smaller Compact Styler as they’re easiest to squeeze into a clutch.) The Elite, unlike the Original, is curved so it kind of fits in on the side of your head as you brush.

Sexy curves!

Sexy curves!

It’s certainly not a reason to toss your Original in the trash and run out for the Elite as an upgrade but if you’re buying regardless it’s definitely a slight ergonomic improvement.

Love, love