Do you want to travel the world while working remotely? I’ve shared tips on how to get going

How’s that Cape Town drought going? Is the city still load shedding? What does a single bag of groceries cost? Can R500 feed you well for a full 7 days?

I’ve been working remotely and travelling in South East Asia since 1 April and am loving the effect it’s had on my bank balance and quality of life. The month before I left I spent R8 739 on rent, electricity and internet in Cape Town. In the last 30 days in Thailand and Vietnam, I’ve spent R7 111 on luxury hotel suites the size of my old bedroom and lounge in Claremont with lightening-fast WiFi. Most of them have included breakfast and one was right on the beach.

Step into my office…

If I wanted to, I could spend far less. I just like to live luxuriously and now I can afford to. Room service, big swimming pools, nightly turn downs… These are things I enjoy. I also like R80 per hour massages, R75 gel manis and the fact that an average 10 to 20 minute trip in a Grab, the SEA equivalent to Uber costs between R17 to R30. (The moment I get back to SA and buy petrol for the first time I’m probably going to cry!)

But ja. To be perfectly honest, the fact that my move is saving me lots of money is great but it’s not really about that. I just got itchy feet and wanted to spend more time in a part of the world I love while avoiding a Cape Town winter and the fact that I could and wasn’t seemed silly so I made a plan. Taking the plunge to become a ‘digital nomad’ (still the worst word ever!) required a bit of effort but it was totally doable. If you’re thinking of doing the same I’ve given a bit of advice in an article on the blog Social Media Blooms. You can find it over here.

Victoria, the lovely editor, profiles people with interesting jobs on the reg. Just click on the career profiles link at the very bottom of her page to find them.

Love, love


4 thoughts on “Do you want to travel the world while working remotely? I’ve shared tips on how to get going

  1. I am self-employed as of next month and this is post is making me verrrry excited for the future!!!

  2. How do I sign-up for your email newsletter? I have changed email addresses and I can’t seem to find how to sign-up. I am missing my Lipgloss fix…

    1. Hi Sue! Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I recently moved my site in the back end and my sign-up widget got lost in the process. If you visit again you’ll see the option to get Lipgloss in your inbox is now back on the right hand side of the page near the top. Leigh x

  3. Hi Leigh! How much does a week in Chiang Mai roughly cost you – food and accommodation? We’re looking at heading that way from Vietnam soon and trying to get a rough budget in place.
    Loving your insta pics and blog x

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