Reviews: Delete makeup removal glove, Indola Smart hair care and Morgan Taylor’s Matadora (Fall 2018) collection

If you’ve tried a waterless or ‘magic’ make-up remover glove before you’ll know that they work. Generally, they’re woven from an ultra fine fibre and woven in such a way that they perform a micro-scrubbing that’s super gentle on your skin but removes make-up, grime and oil like a boss.

There are several options out there at the mo. One of them is Jane Iredale’s Magic Mitt which is magical indeed but needlessly overpriced. This is why it was nice to try Delete’s option which is just R109 on It feels much softer and fuzzier than other gloves I’ve tried, so I worried it wouldn’t work as well, but nope, it does the trick. Just whip it out in the shower, rub it all over your face and boom, your make-up is gone! It even took off eye liner and mascara.

Yep, it really does ‘delete’ makeup.

Naturally, your glove will get dirty and you’re supposed to lovingly wash it after every use for hygiene reasons but I’m a gross, disgusting girl who just tosses it with the wash every time I do a load. Delete says you’ll get at least 100 uses out of it (the fibres eventually wear down, I think) and I haven’t used it nearly enough to test the theory (and I’m an clearly abusive make-up mitt owner which might shorten it’s life span ) but at around R100 a pop it’s not something I’m going to worry about.

Shut up Elmo, you’re drunk!

Moving on, let’s chat about hair. I went to an Indola hair launch the other day. If you’re not familiar with the brand, it’s a salon brand* that’s mostly well priced and easy to navigate in that they don’t have ten million products – just a nicely curated selection that’ll do the trick.

Their new line up, the Smart collection, is a very simple one in that it’s divided into three main pillars – Colour (for colour-treated hair), Hydrate (for dry hair), Repair (for damaged hair), each of which includes a shampoo, conditioner and correlating styling products. They also have a few extra products that fall outside the three pillars – specialised stuff like a clarifying shampoo. My hair doesn’t need repairing right now and I was worried the hydrating line might be too heavy for my baby-fine colour-treated hair so I left with the Colour shampoo and conditioner (R192 each).

These are great!

Having used them for a week now I can attest to the fact that they’re great. Apparently they use ‘smart pixel’ technology to help restore your hair’s quality, colour and shine, but I have no clue what that means and can’t find an explanation. I’m not too fussed, however, as they perform just they way I want them to. The shampoo cleanses but doesn’t strip and the conditioner gives me the exact amount of moisture I want. Enough to smooth (it contains fancy pants cocoon silk proteins) but without adding weight.

As far as styling goes, I’m enjoying the Hydrate spray conditioner (R221). It’s a great detangler and I use it pretty much every day around my crown area where my hair is super duper fine and can turn into a knotted ball of frizz without a little help. Spray conditioner is a great solution ‘cos I target the area specifically without having to put actually conditioner on my entire scalp area.

Mommy’s little hair helpers.

Lastly, their Thermal Protector spray (R295) is awesome too. It’s not the most wallet-friendly of their options but it will last forever as you just need a few spritzes and I only use it before hitting up my curling iron. I like that it feels just like water (so you’re not adding weight) but protects your hair from hot tools that crank up to 220-degrees as well as UV rays that can fade your colour.

Speaking of colour, let’s finish up with Morgan Taylor. Their autumn collection, Matadora, recently hit the shelves. It’s inspired by the vibrancy of Spain. Think flamenco dancers, roses, black lace and Antonio Banderas under your balcony with a guitar.

Anyone else thinks this looks like the mooiness that is @fashionbreed?

It contains some super pretty hues that you can check out over here. Of the two I was given, I’m Drawing a Blanco (a shimmery white with teensy glittery flecks in it) and All Tango-d Up (a deep, sexy red) I most like the latter because it’s a fabulously great two-coater. It also doesn’t streak! If you’re keen, now is a good time to buy as Sorbet is currently having a Happy Day’s sale in which all of their beauty products (save for their own new cosmetics collection) is 20-percent off.

All Tango-d Up for the win!

What’s great about Morgan Taylor colours is that their collections correlate to Gelish, so if you find a colour you long, you can commit to it (for a bit) by wearing it as a gel. Then, if a nail (God forbid) happens to chip or peel off, you can patch things up with the nail polish. Ole, bitches!

Love, love


*To find your nearest salon stockist call (011) 617 2400.

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