Morgan Taylor’s super bright Selfie collection has arrived just in time for summer

Morgan Taylor’s summer collection – Selfie – has just dropped and it’s a fun, Instagram-ready mix of super bright attention-grabbing shades plus two pretty pastels for R125 a pop. I was given three of the brighter shades and am enjoying the hot pink – Woke Up This Way.

But first! Let me take a selfie!

You need two coats for full coverage before it dries to a matte finish. In this way it reminds me a bit of Essie’s neon collection from a few years back but all you need is a single slick of any top coat and it glosses up fast.

I used Morgan Taylor’s React top coat which I’ve found to be very good in terms of preventing chips. 

The other two shades don’t really suit me right now ‘cos I’ve got pale ‘zombie’ hands but I reckon they’ll look great on darker skin tones or maybe even me after I’ve marinated in self-tan.

This is No Filter Needed.

And here’s Me, My Self-ie And I, a bont tangerine.

This dude’s a three coater to get an even finish. It’s hard to tell from this pic but it’s got a slight shimmer to it.

See anything you like? The stores that stock the brand (places like Sorbet and Dis-Chem) should have the Selfie collection in by now although I can’t find it online just yet. If you can let me know and I’ll include a link.

Love, love


5 thoughts on “Morgan Taylor’s super bright Selfie collection has arrived just in time for summer

  1. I love these colours, but I’m just not a nail polish gal – no matter what top and base coat I use, or formula of polish, it chips within a day or two. I’ve tried so many things! I’m now strictly a gel polish user, and only go to one person for it, as she treats my nails so gently and they haven’t been damaged at all!

    1. You’re so lucky! I love gel and use it often but my nails are so thin they always end up looking hideous afterwards. You’d think I’d stop doing though but NOPE 😂😂😂

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