Reviews: The Body Shop hand cream, Schwarzkopf Gliss’ Million Gloss line and Sorbet nail polish remover

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The Body Shop launch the cutest little hand creams

Good news for The Body Shop fans – the brand’s now making cutesy li’l 30ml hand cream tubes – the perfect size for your purse – for just R50 a pop! Scent-wise, you’ve got eight to choose from – Strawberry, Moringa, Honeymania, Mango, Shea, Coconut, Pink Grapefruit and Satsuma. (I don’t know about you, but I’m a Moringa, Mango and Pink Grapefruit girl.)

Spot your favourite?
Spot your favourite?

Each cream is a lovely light, gel-cream formula that absorbs super fast, leaving your hands with a subtle hint of a scent. Ingredients of note include hydrating glycerine, cold-pressed oils that vary by variant and Shea butter.

Packaging-wise, I quite like that the tube looks like it’s made from metal (fancy, fancy) but is actually plastic – so it’s not going to get all dented and nasty-looking from rolling around in your purse.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair launch Million Gloss line

Okay, so this collection snuck in rather quietly and finding info (in English) about it online is almost impossible so I’m going to struggle to give you a detailed explanation as to how it works but here’s the promise – if you have dull-looking hair, Million Gloss using ‘shine-lamination’ technology to add a healthy-looking sheen.

Again, I'm updating this pic and have no clue if the masque is available in SA.
I’ll update this pic soon – just struggling to find the shot I took before popping them in my shower.

While I have no idea what ‘shine-lamination’ technology is, I can see the formula in both the sham and con (R69,95 each) contains loads of silicone that’ll coat each hair, smoothing down the cuticle to the point where it becomes reflective. I mean, that’s how all silicones work, right? It also makes use hydrating apricot oil as well as  hydrolized protein and two keratins to help fortify your locks.

I’ve been using Million Gloss for about six days now and really enjoying it. I like that my hair’s much easier to brush while wet and I’ve yet to reach the point where I feel like I need to break out a clarifying shampoo as the silicone build up’s become too much. (For the record, I have very fine, limp hair, so if there’s too much heavy-weight silicone in the mix, I’ll feel it fast. I also couldn’t use Schwarzkopf’s Ultimate Oil Elixer range – it was simply too heavy.) The only downer here is that I can’t really testify about the shine bit as my hair, which is pin straight as thus more reflective, has always been very shiny on it’s own.

While Million Gloss isn’t my favourite of the Schwarzkopf Gliss line (I’m a huge fan of their Total Repair line) this is a very nice addition to a seriously great brand.

Update: It’s important to mention that in between those six days I slept out on the weekend and had a break with something else that must have essentially ‘clarified’. After having used these for more than three consecutive days my hair looked ‘coated’ and felt greasy and heavy. Meh. So I take it all back. I’m really not impressed. I think this would be best for someone with very thick, dry hair. But not for me.

Sorbet’s got a new nail polish remover line

Body lotions, face masks, (and incredibly good) BB cream… the Sorbet salons’ product empire is ever expanding and they’re now offering nail polish remover too. What makes this exciting, however, is their super cool salon-style packaging. You know… the type where all you gotta do is place the pad over the neck of the bottle and pump downwards for the liquid to squirt up on it? Love that!

Sorbet Nourish nail polish remover – acetone free.

I was given an acetone-free version to try (thanks Clicks!) infused with vitamin E-enriched wheatgerm oil and and fragranced with rosemary essential oil. While it works a treat, I’m more of a hard guns girl so the moment this bottle runs dry I’m definitely going to pop the acetone-riddled version (it’s in a pink bottle and called ‘Harden’) into my shopping basket. At just R40 per 250ml bottle its incredible value and I just lurrrve the ‘fanciness’ of pumping to soak*.

Deffo my new favourite nail polish remover outside of those awesome but disgustingly overpriced ‘stick your finger into the sponge and twirl’ numbers. Now if Sorbet wants to try their hand at creating a ‘nice price’ version of those I’ll be a very happy camper.

Love, love


*I initially wrote ‘pumping to soak my pad’ before bursting into a snort-laugh and backspacing like a mofo. Is it just me or does that sound absolutely terrible?! Ha.


9 thoughts on “Reviews: The Body Shop hand cream, Schwarzkopf Gliss’ Million Gloss line and Sorbet nail polish remover

  1. Okay the best part of this review (not that the rest wasn’t good of course) was the note right at the end. I fell of my chair laughing so loud, I laughed even more. Thanks for the lag, skat

  2. Waaahahaha! Funny girl!
    Also thank you for being true to us and being honest if something is not your favorite in a certain range of product. It makes you different to other bloggers.
    Much love!

  3. Being new to your blog I have to say that your reviews are incredible! Thank you…

    Just wanted to know how you are now finding the Million Gloss? I bought some this week and after a couple of days I may as well have washed my hair with oil… Very disappointed is an understatement.

    1. Thank you sooo much for your comment – it totally reminded me that I meant to update on Million Gloss! After two washes things were fine and then the odd one here and there in between other sham and cons but once I did three washes in a row I looked like a drowned rat. Hate, hate, hate! Updating right now and really hope you didn’t buy it based on my review. And if so, apologies for days.

      1. No not at all! I bought it purely because I like shiny hair and the bottle design is really nice (again don’t judge a product by it’s cover). I’m actually trying to get hold of Schwarzkopf because I’m really irritated… Do agree on the thick hair comment but I am so put off Schwarzkopf products don’t think I will buy for a very long time!

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