Exclusive to Clicks; Smudge eye and lip pencils are awesome

Before the month is over a new range cosmetic pencils called Smudge will soon be exclusive to Clicks. I got to play with a few of them at a launch and was blown away by the brand’s sheer variety. They’ve got felt tip, liquid, khol and retractable (mechanical) eye liners, creamy textured gel eye and lip liners as well as double ended brow and setting wax pencils in every shade you could ever want!

Better yet, despite being of a quality that rivals some big name brands, Smudge pencils are all R29,99 to R39,99!

Later, I discovered these two hiding in my goodie bag:

Smudge waterproof gel eye liner in Intense Black, R29,99 and Eyebrow & Fix pencil in Dark Chocolate, R39,99.

Forgive the slightly blurry-looking shot. If you click on it, it’ll pop up nice and big and you’ll get to see them properly. I’m not going to show you a shot of me wearing them as both shades didn’t suit me but I can tell you the gel liner went on super smoothly, didn’t smudge once set and lasted all day.

The brow pencil was fab in that I could use the brush to comb my brow hairs into place, fill in any gaps and colour them with the pencil and then, once it set, use the waxy ends to set my hairs in place. The moment they hit the shelves I’ll be going in store to pick up ‘blonde’ pencil. Ever since Revlon discontinued their fabulous double-ended Brow Fantasy pencil and gel combo I’ve been stuck without a good brow pencil that I don’t have to pick up on eBay and reckon this just might be it!

Before you hit up the beauty counters looking for an expensive eye or lip pencil, give Smudge a bash first. I think you’ll be as impressed as I was.

Love, love


6 thoughts on “Exclusive to Clicks; Smudge eye and lip pencils are awesome

  1. I’ve bought their liquid eyeliner in Black and it’s better than a lot of the high end stuff and it was only R49.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hii guys can anyone tell me if smudge still exists as I can not find them anywhere or does this page need an update.

    1. Hi Mysterious! Smudge still exists. Visit Clicks website and do a search and you’ll find their stuff. You can even buy it online via Clicks 🙂

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