African Philosophy bath & body goodies

My friend Les has always gotten a kick outta mixing up her own organic spa-style bath products and is now producing them en masse as African Philosophy.

Of all her goodies, I most like the Milky Herbal Bath Salts with Geranium and Jojoba, R100. As geranium oil is a fab astringent with toning qualities, it helps tighten up your skin, so you get out the bath looking ‘toit like a tiger’. As for jojoba, it’s a super-soothing additive with great antibacterial properties making it a fab bath time additive for anyone suffering from bacne.

Another of her goodies I like? African Philosophy Exfoliating body scrub with Neroli and Rosemary, R100.

Check how scrubalicious it is...

It’s got a refreshing zesty scent and, as Les doesn’t skimp on the ‘scrubbies’, (which in this case is sugar), it really does do a bang up job of rukking dead skin off your bod. Despite making use of calming neroli oil, I like to use this in the morning as the invigorating rosemary scent predominates. (Aromatherapists will tell you to put rosemary oil on your pulsepoints when you study as just a few sniffs will help stimulate mental activity…) Just be sure to use it in the shower as opposed to the bath to prevent an oily ring…

If you’re in the Cape Town area and want to get your mitts on Les’ creations, give her a ring on  082 496 8683 or pop into Bronze International Tanning Salon in Gardens, her local stockist.

Love, love


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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

6 thoughts on “African Philosophy bath & body goodies

  1. A bit off topic but what is your favourite skin care line? I’m still despereately searching for a brand that doesn’t max out my credit card but still delivers feel good results. I’m leaning towards Clarins – any idea? Thanks Leigh!

  2. Hello cooks!

    Clarins is divine, I love their Eau Dynamiste perfume and Liquid Bronze facial self-tan, however, when it comes to facial skin care, I look for ingredients, not brands.

    I’m not too sure what your skin care concerns are, but for me, being 30, I’m all about wrinkle-busting and right now, retinol is the gold standard in this area and has been scientifically proven to work beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    My fave retinol-based face creams are by RoC and Neutrogena and neither will break the bank. However, if you’re new to retinol, go easy on them in the beginning while your skin gets used to it. I.e. Use it every second or third night and then build up to every night.

    Big, lipglossy kiss,


    P.S. I also jab my oogies with botox every four months or so. It’s about R1200 – R1600 and makes a HUGE difference. I prefer to do this than spend money on expensive eye creams that may or may not work and can’t create the look botox does within a few days.

    x x x

    1. Thanks Leigh!

      I’m 24 so main concern right now is radiance and perhaps premature ageing. Skin just feels dull at the moment. Then when i zapped it with moisture rich products it feels all sticky and has started breaking out here and there. SOB! Used to get Philosophy products shipped from the USA but has become way too expensive and have since not found anything that I like – DRAMA! All these different ingredients – don’t know what half of them do! x

  3. Hi again

    A great site to learn about ingredients is

    If you’re looking for radiance you can get it by

    a) using skin brightening (lightening) ingredients like vitamin C, licorice extract, kojic acid etc

    or b) chemically exfoliating. (This removes the top, dull layers of your skin to reveal the new, brighter skin underneath). Good chemical exfoliants include alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid. Environ do a great range. Their day lotion is fab, but I’d use it night regardless.

    X x x

  4. Hey girls! I started using RegimA a few months ago for my acne and pigmentation. I find it is great if you are on a budget as the Moisturiser already has an SPF 30 in, so you dont need a seperate sunscreen. The cleanser has a built in toner, and the nightcream is full of alpha hydroxy acids. So therefore you dont need to buy a seperate toner and exfoliator. And the results have been fantastic as it is a medical products. It is made in South Africa so no importing taxes are added onto the price 🙂 I buy my products from Suntra Spa in 15 on Orange Hotel in Cape Town. ( They also do the RegimA skin peels there.

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