Uncommon goods, your one stop shop for quirky, custom gifting, is now shipping to South Africa

We all love buying super cute trinkets from Typo but I’ve recently found Uncommongoods , a US-based company that ships internationally and their collection is pretty awesome. Many of their items are handmade (you even get to see a li’l bio on who created it) and are curated using a strict set of ethics. For example, many of their items are made using recycled or organic materials and nothing they sell has harmed an animal, meaning leather, feather and fur is totally out.

I had a browse the other day, got totally sucked in and found some serious gems, the first being this avocado tree starter kit. It’s just R270,10 for a set of three.

Love it!

Also, please tell me I’m not alone in wanting a wine dispensing tote bag? (R1 755) This is just one of their many wine-related gifts.

Boring baby showers are a thing of the past.

They’ve actually got loads of weird and wonderful tech gadgets like this PhoneSoap Smartphone sanitiser (R675,10) that uses UV light to de-germ your phone which totally appeals to the OCD part of my personality.

Did you know your cellphone harbours 18 times more bacteria than a public loo?

You’ll also find gifts that can be custom created – like this personalised family print (R1 012,90 – R1 688,10) created by a mother and daughter duo who also whip up bespoke mugs, throw pillows and more.


Speaking of throw pillows… you can even create a custom pillow version of your pet (R1 958,20), be it a cat, dog, bird or even horse! Just send them a hi-res piccie of Fido and BOOM – he’s suddenly always on the couch but never, ever shedding!

This has my doggie lovin’ little sister’s name all over it.

They’ve actually got cool gifts your pet will appreciate too. I give unto thee the DJ Cat Scratching Pad (R472,20)!

DJ Puddin’ in the house yo!

See anything you like?

Love, love


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