A closer look at Woolworths’ new Aroma Essence bath and body collection

Woolies have a new aromatherapy-inspired bath and body range in store; Aroma Essence.

From left to right: Woolworths Aroma Essence spritzer, foam bath, body scrub and bath salts.

The collection’s divvied up into four variants; relaxing DREAM with lavender and frankincense, calming CHILL with chamomile and clary sage, invigorating LIVE with juniper berry and lemon and ‘reflective’ BE with jasmine and bergamot. I’ve sniffed all of them and it’s tough to pick a favourite. To me, they all smell clean, breezy and fresh.

Product-wise, you can choose from a foam bath, body cream, body spritzer, shower gel, body scrub, bath salts, bath/massage oil and hand & nail cream. Prices range from R49,95 to R69,95 so it’s really very reasonable.

I got to play with two of their goodies; one being the DREAM bath and body oil and have been dropping it into my tub on days when I don’t plan to wash my hair:

Woolworths Aroma Essence DREAM lavender & frankincense bath oil, R69,99

While I like it, I prefer using pure aromatherapy oils for that purpose ‘cos they’re more concentrated so the scent is stronger. Woolie’s oil, as it turns out, doesn’t actually contain any aromatherapy oils; it’s formula’s actually a mix of glycerine, olive oil and lavender and frankincense fragrance .

On the upside, this means you can apply it directly to your skin and massage it in without having to bother to mix it into a ‘diluter’ like a body lotion or a neutral carrier oil like grapeseed. You could never do this with pure aromatherpy oils; they’re too strong on your skin and can end up burning or irritating it.

As for the CHILL shower gel, it’s pretty darn awesome:

Woolworths Aroma Essence CHILL chamomile and clary sage shower gel, R59,95

Just a little squeeze makes a mountain of delish-smelling foam. I also LOVE the packaging. So many ‘aromatherapy’-focused products feel obliged to go the whole ye old worlde super-quaint apothecary route which, half the time, just looks so bloody koekerig. I love that these guys look clean and mod and would add a nice pop of colour to my bathroom.

When you’re next in store, check ’em out and let me know what you think.

Love, love


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