So I tried ten milion zillion sunscreens and these were the ones I liked best

Summer’s almost on our door step and thus I’ve been sent enough sunscreen to ensure my children’s children will never have to buy another bottle ever again. Of all the SPF’s I got to play with, these were the ones I most appreciated:

The ‘Clear’ Choices

NIVEA SUN Invisible Protection transparent spray SPF 50, price TBA, and Tropitone Acti-Sport SPF 30 sunscreen spray, R69,99.

Using either of these feels like you’re merely misting water on your skin yet they still manage to offer good water-resistant sun protection. Neither are sticky or greasy in the least even though the Tropitone spray is enriched with coconut oil. While Tropitone has a pretty, floral scent, NIVEA’s smells like nothing at all.

The Milky Way

Shiseido Sun Protection Spray Oil-free SPF 15, R350, and NIVEA SUN Moisturising sun spray SPF 30, R140.

If you prefer your sunscreen to have more of a hydrating milky texture you’ll appreciate these guys. Both sink into your skin in a flash yet leave it feeling nicely hydrated, as though you’ve just applied a body lotion. Neither is sticky or oily in the least but NIVEA’s formula feels ever so slightly more moisturising. Shiseido is more of a ‘milk-water’, if that makes sense, and can be used on your hair too!

The Face Savers

Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50 +, R439

When I go running or know I’m going to be spending the day in direct sunlight, I want to wear a super high SPF on my face. Alas, most of them feel thick and gloopy and this is why I like Kiehl’s fluid so much; it really does feel like a superlight veil.

Another goodie?

REN Photoactive Sun Veil SPF 15, R495*

This one boasts a very interesting formula in that it uses minerals as opposed to chemicals to protect you and contains ingredients extracted from algae and cranberry seed oil to act as powerful antioxidants. But here’s where it gets totally fascinating; its mix includes fluorophores from noni extract that, according to REN, are able to transform UV rays into ‘visible red light’. They reckon it has some kind of ‘laser therapy’-like effect in that it boosts your skin’s elastin production.

All that tech aside, I like it because I can apply it over my usual retinol serum and wear it just like a moisturiser. It doesn’t make my oil-prone skin feel greasy in the least and doesn’t leave a white-ish cast on my already super pale skin. If you’ve got a drier skin type, however, you could easily apply it on top of your moisturiser. Nice!

For Water Babies

Yes, yes, it’s geared towards le kiddies but there’s nothing stopping you from using it yourself. It’s formulated for sensitive skin and includes soothing aloe vera extract; doesn’t contain any chemical filters and is very water-resistant so, if you like to hop in and out of the pool a lot, it’s a top pick. I also found it to be the most hydrating out of the other sunscreens I’ve mentioned so if you’ve got very dry skin this would be a good choice.

Love, love


*REN’s new SPF is only in stores as of November. It used to be exclusive to Woolies but now you can find the range in Edgars, Red Square, Foschini and Stuttafords.

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