My Innoxa Young Solution Spot Drops obsession

A little while ago a rumour went around that Innoxa where discontinuing their Young Solution range and I went into a bit of a panic. I’ve been using their Spot Drops zit busting solution (R35) for years and find nothing beats it when it comes to drawing out and drying up a monster zit*. Seriously. If you apply it religeously, like every few hours, you can turn the biggest, most bad ass pimple into a dried up little speck in less than 48 hours.

Thus, every time I spotted it in store, I’d toss a handful into my trolley, terrified I’d one day hit the shops and not be able to find it and how now ended up with a bit of a ‘situation’:

All set for the post-Spot Drop apocalypse!

Fortunately, according to the Jo, the brands’ awesome PR, Spot Drops and the Young Solution range in general aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Sjoe! And now I have enough Spot Drops to last a life time…

Now tell me girls, am I the only stock piler here? Which products do you hoard like crazy for fear of extinction?

Love, love


*If you’re dealing with an evil blind pimple, however, may I suggest you consider Differin gel

Maybelline introduces Forever Strong Pro nail polish and Colour Sensational Popsticks

Maybelline have added some fun new additions to their line up, the first being Forever Strong Pro nail polishes (R60 each):

Top from left: Forever Red, Lilac, Bubblegum Pink. Bottom from left: Porcelain Beige and Gold All Night.

The polishes are enriched with calcium, iron and silica; promise to last for up to seven days and have a ‘precision curved brush’. Of all the colours I got to play with I most liked Bubblegum Pink:

Perfect for ‘beach toes’, right?

The brush, which is curved at the tip, makes it easy to work with the shape of your cuticle and stroke on the colour. As the polish is highly pigmented, you only need two coats to create a nice, glossy-looking finish. Still, without a top coat, I found it started to chip after three or so days, but hey, these are still nice polishes and I wouldn’t buy one and end up feeling resentful as is often the case with ‘drugstore’ nail enamels.

As for new addition number two, say hello to Maybelline Colour Sensantional Popsticks (R110 each):

From left to right; Crystal Pink, Citrus Slice and Tropical Pink.

These super cute-looking jelly-like lippies feel like a lip balm on and have a fun, fruity scent. They remind me a lot of Clarins’ Instant Smooth Crystal lip balms but aren’t as hydrating and don’t have as much of a colour pay off.

Again, from left to right; Crystal Pink, Citrus Slice and Tropical Pink. (I took this shot with a flash as I found it made it easier to see the colours. In daylight they just looked ‘clear’ save for Tropical Pink.)

Surprisingly, the darkest-looking shade in the tube, Crystal Pink, was pretty much ‘clear’ on my lips. Tropical Pink, however, manages to give them a pretty pink glow. If I was still in high school this is the kind of product that would’ve lived in my pocket; it’s enough to make a difference to your looks, but subtle enough to not land you in detention.

Both Forever Strong Pro nail colours and Popsticks are on counter now; if you’ve spotted and played around with them, let me know your thoughts.

Love, love