I scream, you scream, we all scream fo MAVALA’s ‘Delicious’ spring nail polish collection

Remember how I chatted about MAVALA nail colours the other day? Well they’ve just launched yet another limited edition collection but this time ALL the shades will be available in SA, not just two of them. Yayness!

The ‘Delicious’ collection; yummy enough to eat…

The new hues are all very on trend for spring in that they’re all mooi li’l pastels that make me think of gelato:

Clockwise from the top we’ve got Frozen Berry (lilac), Pistachio (green), Candy Floss (pink), Lemon Cream (yellow), Fresh Melon (orange) and Blue Mint (blue).

As I’m super pale, pastels don’t really work for me, but I did manage to pull off Frozen Berry:

RAAARRR! My scary lilac-y claw is coming to get you… (and maybe I shouldn’t write after three glasses of champagne…)

If you’ve spotted a shade you like, pop into Dis-Chem to check it out up close and personal; each li’l mini is going for R59,99 a pop.

Love, love