The Body Shop winter sale is still on!

Popped into the Eikstad Mall (in Stellies) on lunch and see that The Body Shop’s winter sale is still going strong. Absolutely EVERYTHING in the store is less 20% and they’ve also got certain bits and bobs going at up to 50% off. I made a point of stocking up on my beloved Tea Tree Night lotion (R90, now R70) as it’s my go to room whenever I want to instantly blitz any redness or swelling. (Essential after you’ve given in to temptation and picked at something… or to soothe shaving bumps… or ease the result of an overzealous AHA treatment…)

I also almost succumbed to Moringa Madness in that I really wanted to splash out and snap up their Moringa Milk body lotion which is so super light and silky that it comes in spritzer bottle!

The scent smells exactly like a summer romance in Capri. Or St Yves. Or something…

Still, I managed to resist ‘cos, as it is, I’ve already got the body butter as well as the Beautifying Oil. That and possible ten million other body lotions lying around in my end of the world Beauty Bunker at home.

Anyway, if, like me, you’ve got any TBS staples, now’s the time to stock pile.

X x x

Rascals sweets are coming back to South Africa!

Squish! Squash! A bubbly boom; the Rascals make the fruitiest chews. The flavour never stops – oh no – with the Rascals’ fruity pops!

Yip, it’s official; Rascals are back on the shelves!

‘Scuse the teensy pic, it’s all I could rip off the net.

They’ve also got a Facebook page, website and twitter account and swear that nothing’s changed; they’re still the exact same sweets you know and love.

There’s only one way to find out so if you’ve spotted the new Rascals out and about please tell me where you found them. Also, if you tasted them, fill us in on whether they’re still the same ‘fruitiest chews’ we grew up with in the 80s. (I was always mad about the lime-flavoured green ones and can almost taste them as I type…

Love, love