Check out my cute Civvio Block watch

Remember the white watch trend?

I know, I know… you thought that was me… it’s actually Anna Kournikova…

Ashley Tisdale likes her horlosies wit too…


Anyway, I totally bought into that and ‘splashed’ out on a faux Chanel J12 while in Thailand last year:

Ah, we had such good time that el cheapo knock off and I; hanging out at fancy functions with local designers like Gert-Johan Coetzee: …(sort of) roughing it in the wild under the hot African sun…Things were great between White Watchy and I and then I went and ruined it all by getting drunk and jumping into a pool with my clothes on. The poor thing wasn’t water-proof and shuffled off its mortal coil. Tres tragique!  (This is the part of the story where some super sad Snow Patrol song starts playing in the background… cut to a montage of me crying in the corner at various events sans Mr W…)

Anyway, I’m now happy to say I own a white watch once more thanks to the sweet peeps at Civvio. They appreciated my mention of their cute bangle watch which I received in a goodie bag at the Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek party and thought to send me one of their larger ‘block watches’:

It’s almost too big for my teensy wrist but ag wat…

Aside from having a cute Star Wars kind of vibe, it’s made from soft silicone-type material so it feels uber-comfy on your wrist. It also functions as a stop watch so I’m going to wear it when I hit up the Sea Point prom for a run. (Before I was timing myself by running along with my phone with hand. Super sad, I know…)

Civvio were also kind enough to send my boyfriend a watch too, a ‘manly’ black one. As his wrist is way bigger than mine I think it looks really good on him.

If you want a Civvio watch too pop into Total Sports, Sportsman’s Warehouse or Due South. They’re available in several colours and cost a mere R149!I’ve spotted a few hipster kids running amok with them in Kloof street…

Love, love


INGLOT Colour Play mascara review

So the darlings at INGLOT sent me a few new goodies to play with including their new Colour Play mascara (R149):

Colour Play’s available in five shades; Electric Blue, Emerald Green, Brown (pictured) and Navy Blue and Purple (not pictured).

A quick google revealed that coloured mascara’s actually trending a bit in Europe right now thanks to a recent Stella McCartney fashion show that featured models with brightly coloured lashes.

Purple lashes spotted on the catwalk at Stella’s Fall 2012 show.

As for me, I’d never worn coloured mascara before so I had fun playing around with these them. I thought the blue one would be my favourite in that it would make my blue eyes ‘pop’ (God, how overused is that word? Pop! I actually hate myself for using it now…) but as it turned out I preferred the peacock-y green shade:

Wearing INGLOT Colour Play mascara in Emerald Green.

I like that you can see the colour when you’re close up, but from far away nobody’s going to notice and be all ‘Hey look at that girl wearing groen mascara!’ In fact, I wore the green to a movie night* at darling Karis Piss’s place and nobody seemed to notice. I also liked that the mascara didn’t just add colour, it was also good at defining and seperating my lashes.

Anyway, if you want to play around with coloured mascara there are a few things you should know:

In the past, coloured mascara’s gotten a bit of a rep for being somewhat tacky. Thus, if you’re a young trendy chicolina, coloured mascara could work out for you ‘cos you can wear it in an ‘ironic’, ‘having a fashion moment’ kind of sense. If, however, you’re a mad cat lady with a box cut and a penchant for decoupage, don’t go anywhere near it; it’ll just emphasise your Susan Boyle-ness.

If you’re wearing brights on your lashes, tone down your eye shadow or wear a very neutral shadow. Otherwise, if you’ve got too many hues competing for attention on your face, you’ll be stepping into Circus Charlie territory.

Want to really make your coloured mascara stand out? Use a white primer on your lashes before hand and then apply your coloured mascara on top of that.

Blue mascara can make the whites of your eyes look whiter and flatters all eye colours. Purple mascara looks best on those with brown and green eyes while green mascara suits brown or green eyes. Confusing, yes, but you got it, right?

Love, love


P.S. Just so you know, INGLOT is having a special on their Colour Play mascaras; if you buy two of them, it’ll only cost you R249.

*Due to unforeseen IT dramz we ended up watching Trespass, a Nicholas Cage thriller, as it was the only flick that everyone in the room hadn’t seen already. For the record, it’s a big bunch of kak so don’t waste your twenty bucks. And yes, this is something we should’ve known already because, well… you know… it stars Nicholas Cage…