POND’S’ Flawless Radiance and Age Miracle lines get a revamp (review included)

POND’S has given their two main ranges; Flawless Radiance and Age Miracle a bit of a make-over. Both lines have had new products added into the mix, formula’s have changed and the packaging’s been changed to match what’s being sold overseas. To prevent this post from being a super long ramble, however, I’m only going to chat about Flawless Radiance for now.

The range now consists of a facial foam, toner, day cream or lotion*, an SPF to wear on top of them plus an eye cream, serum and night cream. Sjoe! Still, at least now you’re sure to find something that’ll suit your skin type.

Ingredients-wise, Flawless Radiance promises to help even out your skin tone thanks to its use of vitamin B3 (also referred to as niacin or niacinamide) which helps prevent melanin (dark skin pigment) from transferring from the deeper layers of your skin to the surface. Then, once you’ve ‘stopped the pigmentation bus’, you’re to stop new dark marks from forming by using a good broadspectrum SPF, something like their Flawless Radiance Blemish Prevention UV cream with SPF 15, (R94,99).

It’s also got a bit of B3 in it and has a nice pearlesence to help give you an instant glow.

By shielding your skin from the sun, your existing spots can begin to fade as opposed to darken. You can also speed the fading process up even further if you invest in a good AHA-infused cream to increase the rate at which your skin’s cells renew themselves.

Having played around with the range for a bit I can say that the day cream, day lotion, night cream and serum are all good picks as they contain nice high levels of niacinamide. The only drawback is that none of them contain an SPF and this is essential to spot-prevention. As a result, don’t think for a second that you’ll be able to get away with using any of them without a good SPF on top, be it Pond’s or another from a different brand.

But ja… getting back to the line up… if I was concerned with spots and decided to use Pond’s to fend them off, this is how I’d roll: the serum is the goodie you want to spring for; it’s got the highest concentration of vitamin B3. I wouldn’t be able to wear it in the day, however, as I’ve got oily skin and the product’s very silicone-y which aggravates them. Thus, I’d use the lotion and SPF 15 in the day and then apply the serum at night along with either the POND’S night cream or one from another brand. If you’ve got drier skin, you’re lucky in that you can apply the serum both day and night; just don’t forget to use the SPF in the day. Just ten minutes of unprotected sun exposure can stuff up a good six months worth of ‘fading’!

POND’S Flawless Radiance anti-spot intensive even tone serum, R94,99.

Want to try the new range? It’s in store right now and prices are very reasonable, ranging from R54,99 to R94,99.

Love, love


*Just so you know, ‘creams’ are usually considered to be more hydrating than lotions but in this case it’s a little different as POND’S Flawless Radiance day cream has a ‘vanishing cream’ texture. This makes it less much less moisturising than the lotion so only opt for it if you’ve used and like vanishing creams in the past or have a skin type that’s even oilier than mine. If you’ve got combination skin or ‘normal’ skin, using the lotion will sort you out. Very dry skin? There’s nothing stopping you from using the night cream in the day. After all, you’re going to have to use a supplementary SPF anyway, regardless of which product you choose.

Did you know they’ve stuck my face on a Chappies wrapper?

So I had a mean bubblegum craving the other day and thought I’d treat myself to a seriously big ass Chappie. Check it out:


Okay, okay, so it’s not actually a Chappie… it’s a box full of them!

This is the kind of gift that dreams were made of when I was a kid. Actually, it’s still totally awesome even now…

The best bit, however, is the wrapper:

Ta frikken da bietse!

Why thank you Chappies! I’m so flattered that you’d deem my mug fit for one of your wrappers. I feel like an icon in my own time. (Hair flick, head toss…) But seriously, did you have to use that uber-kak piccie of me? Really?!

Still, I suppose I’ve got off lightly… They got hold of my friend Clouds to squeeze her for random ‘Leigh factoids’ and one of the things she mentioned was that I eat sushi with my hands as opposed to with chopsticks. Clearly she hadn’t tapped into her inner Evil Biets streak that day otherwise my ‘Did you know’ could have easily ended up along the lines of ‘Did you know Leigh van den Berg picks her nose in traffic? … or that she’s planning on buying a hamster behind her boyfriend’s back? … or that she tends to get drunk and show off the fact that she still knows every word on Disney’s The Little Mermaid soundtrack?

Anyway, if you want to make a bit of Chappies history yourself, pop on over to their Facebook page or website. They’re looking for a zillion new ‘Did you knows?’. If any that you submit gets chosen it’ll feature in one of their wrappers and you could win cool prizes in the process; stuff like a years supply of Chappies!

Love, love (and lots of bubblegum),