Yardley Stayfast nail polish in Romantic Ruby is my favourite red

I like to play around with different nail colours but always end up coming back to these three; Essie Exotic Liras, Essie Splash of Grenadine and Yardley Stayfast nail polish in Romantic Ruby (R54,95).

‘Scuse the rush job mani…

Years ago when I was looking for the perfect Tom Ford rooi it totally fit the bill and I’m still hooked on the shade to date. In fact, I’m wearing it as I type and if you spot me out with red on fingers and toes, it’s pretty much always this one.

Coincidently, the lighter version of Black Orchid (Voile de Fleur) is one of my favourite ‘dressy’ evening fragrances.

Recently Yardley reformulated it to be longer wearing but thankfully didn’t mess with the colour. The new formula, available in 16 shades, is formaldehyde and toluene-free, is infused with antioxidant vitamins and essential fatty acids and promises up to 10 days of wear. Despite wearing a salon-quality top coat, I’ve never gotten ten days of chip-free wear but I’m not too fussed; if I wanted long-wear I’d opt for gelish. It’s a sexy yet sophisticated-looking red I’m after and that’s exactly what I get whenever I (repeatedly) reach for Romantic Ruby.

Now tell me; are there any nail colours that you keep on buying over and over again?

Love, love


Maybelline’s Color Tattoo 24H cream gel shadow and Eye Studio Lasting Drama gel liner reviews

In the last little while I’ve got to try some seriously kak products, none of which will be getting a mention here. I started to feel a little bleak actually, but then along came two serious little gems that were like a ray of sunshine, proving the world wasn’t completely awash with dodgy collagen-infused drinks and moisturisers riddled with ethanol.

Thus, I give unto thee Maybelline’s new Color Tatoo 24H cream gel shadows, R99,95:

On the left we’ve got Eternal Gold and Timeless Black on the right.


Maybelline Color Tattoo 24H cream gel shadow in Timeless Black (left) and Eternal Gold (right).

I love cream eye shadows mostly because they’re fab at sitting vas. (Back when they first came out I found they’d crease up within minutes but now it’s a different story…) Maybelline’s offering, however, are part of a new generation of gorgeous-looking shades that sit seriously tight. (Whether this really is for up to 24 hours, I wouldn’t know… I’m not that much of an insomniac.)

I liked that the texture of the shadow isn’t ‘airy’ or ‘moussey’; its firm to the touch like MAC’s Paint Pots and Benefit’s (overpriced yet awesome) Creaseless Cream shadows. This makes it very easy to apply and blend with your finger in that the colour doesn’t smear around with wild abandon. Obviously, because I’m not Taylor Momsen, I gave the black a skip…

Where are this little girl’s parents?!

I put the gold shade to the test, applying it first thing in the morning sans shadow primer and found it hadn’t creased by 11 o’ clock that night! Sjoe!

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Eternal Gold teamed with the brand’s Lasting Drama gel liner in Black Gold (see below).

The only thing I don’t like about these shadows is the fact that we only get five of the shades in SA, the gold and black plus a purple, turquoise and matte taupe colour. I’m especially keen on trying a shade called ‘Bad to the Bronze’ that everyone’s gone mentalistic for in the states so reckon I’ll be hunting that one down on eBay…

Otherwise, another new long-wearing Maybelline gem?

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama gel liner, R99,95 (for the pot and a brush).

Clearly this formula is the same as the shadow or very similar because it too lasts from dusk until dawn. In fact, it hadn’t budged one little bit even after a vigorous session on an exercise bike. (This took place in front of my TV, okay? I don’t go to the gym in full drag, you judgy cow…)

Anyway, here are my top gel liner tips:
If you’ve never applied liner with a brush, don’t be intimidated. It’s just as easy as using a pencil tip.
Remember, this is for use on your upper lash line, not the inner rims!
Keep your brush clean in between applications. I know there are more ‘professional’ ways to do it, but I simply smoosh mine into a facial wipe and making quick, tight circular motions. If you don’t keep it clean, your brush ‘hardens up’ and it makes it difficult to apply.
The liner’s available in two shades; Black Chrome (a very black hue) and Black Gold (a slightly warmer-looking black with teensy gold flecks that almost invisible when it’s on). If you’re super fair like me, Black Gold (which still looks ‘black’) will be more flattering.

Both the shadow and liner are supposed to be on the shelf this month but I haven’t seen them in store just yet. If you spot them, you’ve got to stop and check them out; I’m sure you’ll be tres impressed.

Love, love