South Africa’s The Spa Shop’s official launch

Okay, so first up, how’s that for a crappy title, right? You don’t have to tell me, I totally know.. but it’s all about SEO so forgive me, okay?

Anyway, moving on… Remember how I wrote about The Spa Shop ( the other day? (The post is over here.) Since then, their brand offering has pretty much doubled and they held an official launch to show some of them off. Of all the things they had on display, these are the goodies that caught my eye:

First in line, we’ve got the official Beauty Blender, R179:

Kim Kardashian uses it so it must be awesome, right? Right?!

This li’l diva of the beauty scene’s been featured on Oprah and pretty much every celeb make-up artist on the planet swears by its fabulousness. Its curves are designed to ‘fit your face’ so you can blend foundation like a pro, swipe at your eye shadow to create perfect-looking smoky eyes and more.

I also got to discover Kimberly Grace’s Root Nutrition, a hydrating leave-in treatment for ethnic hair. Aside from adding moisture, it promises to help strengthen hair, prevent hair loss and accelerate growth while assisting in alleviating itching, dryness or discomfort associated with wearing super tight braids or weaves.

Kimberley Grace Root Nutrition, R170.

Still, what really impresses me is that it’s zexy-looking packaging. My black friends often complain that they get a raw deal in the hair care department because many of the ethnic hair care brands in SA have nasty-looking or cheesy packaging. Just take one look at the shelf and you’ll see they’re not talking kak

Another brand that was new to me is called JuMe. I think they’re South African but I’m not sure, their site doesn’t say, but I’m assuming so as it’s a ‘’

They use Eco Certified organic vegan ingredients and don’t test on animals.

I found one of their Vanilla Soothing body lotion in my goodie bag and love its soft, comforting scent; just the kind of thing you want after a hot bath on a chilly winter’s night.

JuMe Vanilla Soothing body lotion, R140.

Ingredients-wise, you’re looking at a mix that includes hydrating naturals like sesame seed oil, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, Shea butter oil as well as antioxidant vitamin E plus soothing aloe extract and vanilla oil.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a host of fab often hard to find spa-quality products all in one place, check out The Spa Shop. I appreciate that their prices are in line with what you’d pay in store. Also, if you register now, you’ll get R25 off your first order.  Delivery-wise, I see that I can get an order couriered to your door from as little as R45. I’m not sure if this changes from city to city but will find out and let you know. Oh! And if your order’s over R1000 then delivery is free!

Love, love