PUMA Yellow EDT fragrance review

PUMA have just added two new fragrances to their line up; PUMA Yellow for girls and PUMA Green for boys. Both scents are rather summery and have taken inspiration from the island mon; Jamaica.

Fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, is PUMA fragrance’s spokesman.

A ‘sparkling’ only slightly fruity-floral, PUMA Yellow’s official notes are bergamot, apple, magnolia, rose, violet, freesia, orris, sandalwood and cedar. All I can really pick out, however, is an airy blend of white flowers and perhaps a little apple just after the very first spritz.

The bottle’s kinda like a sporty-looking version of Chanel Chance, don’t you think?

To me, it’s a very light, unobtrusive scent, the kind you can spray on several times a day and not give yourself (or anyone else) a headache. It’s the kind of thing I’d toss into my gym bag and use after a shower on a day when I wanted to smell clean and fresh. In fact, if you’re in high school and want to wear a perfume but suspect your teachers would give you grief if you rocked up in a cloud of Angel, this could be a safe bet.

I also like that PUMA haven’t felt obliged to go the usual route in creating a ‘sporty’ fragrance which is making it smell like some kind of generic oceanic/ozonic body spritz along the lines of Davidoff’s Cool Water (super boring) Woman. The only negative (aside from if you don’t like the smell) is that the staying power isn’t very good.

If you’re looking for an inoffensive, very easy to wear spritz n’ go type of fragrance (ideal for warmer months), check out PUMA Yellow and let me know what you think. Price-wise, it’s fabulously affordable at R125 for 20ml, R195 for 40ml and R280 for 60mls.

Love, love


Would you buy Botox on Groupon?

A friend of mine is seriously considering buying Botox via Groupon.

Steek me baby!

Personally, I’ve never bought anything off of Groupon and been left feeling like I’ve gotten my money’s worth, even at a discounted rate. Have I merely been unlucky? Am I possibly just a paranoid snob?

Tell me girls, I want to know; would you buy a cosmetic procedure via a group buying website? And if you have, I want to hear about it; both the good and the bad.

Otherwise, if you’re keen to check out the special, here’s the link.

Love, love


P.S. For the record, I’m a big fan of Botox. Dr. van Niekerk at Just Skin is a veritable wizard and has never screwed me by giving me a piddly dose that didn’t feel ‘strong enough’ or worn off prematurely.