Fake the Louboutin look with Rosso Solini

We all lust after sexy designer shoes but unless you’re a fashion freak like my friend Clouds (try saying the three times real fast) or getting hitched to a billionaire like my little sis, few of us are actually going to buy them. Still, if you want to ‘sort of kind of’ fake the Louboutin look for less or simply add a pop of colour to any old skoen for a bit of fun you”ll appreciate Rosso Solini  ‘secret designer soles’. Essentially, they’re stick-on soles that come in an array of different colours and even patterns like zebra and leopard print.

They were kind enough to send a set of red soles, another in leopard print and then one more red kit that includes an NT cutter. 

This is what’s inside the ‘deluxe’ NT cutter kit:

Do you think they included a medical wipe incase you slice your thumb off with the NT cutter?

I decided to use the red sole kit to jazz up a pair of leather Woolies’ ankle booties:

My boyfriend calls these my ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ boots…

As it turns out, sole-ing up was easy; you simply clean the bottom of your shoe with soap and water or possibly the wipe included (because I’m lazy I used a few baby wipes and didn’t really read the instructions properly ‘cos I’m addicted to the adrenaline rush that comes with devil-may-care arts n’ arts).

Next, you stick on the sole…

Once you’ve smoothed out any bubbles, trim off the edges with your NT cutter.

I found one ‘sole wrapper’ didn’t cover my entire sole (for the record, I’m a size 4/5) so I simply plakked on another one. As it is, you get three stickers in one pack. Once I was, this was the result:

Ta frikken da bietse!

Want some? Visit their South Africa site and place your order. A plain set of soles is R65 and a print is R75. If you want a kit which includes an NT cutter, it’s R99. Your purchase will be mailed to you via regular SA mail and postage is included in the aforementioned prices.

Love, love


Luxottica South Africa shows off their new frames (2012)

Luxottica, SA’s luxury eyewear importer, held a little bash the other day to show off their new frames. Their brands include Ray-Ban, Oakley, Burberry, Prada, Versace, DKNY, D&G, Miu Miu, Bulgari, Chanel, the list goes on and on and on…

Guests got to sip Villiera Tradition Brut Rose (so yum!) and browse their latest eyewear collections while local muso Andy Lunt entertained the crowd:

See that chick sitting down in the background on the right? She’s getting a free mini mani! Niiiice…

Interesting, there weren’t all that many sunnies but loads of regte egte specs, as in reading glasses. This actually suited me as I’m desp for a proper pair of glasses that don’t make me look like a saddo old cat collector. I’ve gotten to this place where I can see close up, but if I’m watching something on TV with subtitles they might as well be bloody Mandarin. (To date, I still only have a vague idea as to how The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo rolled out…)

Anyway, a few of the more interesting guests included Glamour fashion ed/one time junior school buddy Bronwyn Day:

Clearly, Bron’s moved on from neon scrunchies and Bow-Biters…

The sunnies that most impressed her were the super cute ‘Dixies’ that she’s wearing in the piccie up above. Here, get a better look:

Sweet right? They’ve got such a rad 50’s soda shop type of vibe.

Another ex-PE peep, comedian Martin Evans, was also there. He was quite taken with these Ray-Ban’s:

Nice dude. I like. I didn’t get the model number but I suspect they’re RB1554’s.

If you’re headed to the Grahamstown Festival this year, keep an eye out for his show, Pants on Fire. He’ll be performing alongside Rob van Vuuren as well as a ‘mystery local celeb’.

Oh! And the dudes from Locnville where also out and about:

What’s happening bietse!

They were lingering over a giant bowl of these guys:

Kinda makes me wonder if it’s the sun in their pocket or a giant klomp o’ Lindt. Either way, I’d be smiling…

The Locnville boys are actually in a new video-ad-thing; Ray-Ban teamed up with them and a few other artists to cover Tommy Tucker’s Sunglasses at Night. Check it out here:

Anyway, these are some of the glasses I liked:

They’re Burberry’s darling…

…but these tortoisehell Vogues were my favourite:

The style model is VO 2747 W656 in Havana.

Wanna see them on?

And just like that, I suddenly look like the kind of girl you’d trust to help you with your taxes.

 So. Are you also looking for new sunnies? Specs perhaps? The new frames are sitting in Sunglass Hut as I type.

Love, love