Mavala MAVA+ Extreme Care for Hands hand cream review

Maybe it’s ‘cos it’s the cold… maybe it’s because I’m getting old and drying up like a faded wet suit forgotten in the sun; either way, I’m deffo reaching for hand cream a lot more often than I used to. This is why I’ve really enjoyed using Mavala MAVA+ Extreme Care for Hands hand cream.

Mavala MAVA+ Extreme Care for Hands hand cream, R199,95 for 50mls

This stuff’s the business ‘cos it treats your hands to an intensive dose of moisture but doesn’t leave them feeling greasy or gross, even though it’s aimed at people with very dry, irritated skin in need of serious TLC. In fact, I read some rave reviews online from people who had super chapped, bleeding hands (tres miff, I know) and they say it definitely helped them soothe and smooth.

Ingredients-wise you’re looking at nourishing shea butter, bisabolol and antioxidant vitamin E to soothe and reduce redness as well as a botanical complex that forms a ‘protective shield’ that isn’t greasy in the least. I also rather like that this is fragrance-free so it doesn’t compete with my perfume.

If you’ve got super dry hands; are feeling the effects of a harsh climate or perhaps have OCD and wash your mitts ten zillion times a day, perhaps give this baby a bash. Initially, I initially balked at the price – R199,95! – but then realised my usual must-have hand cream, Crabtree & Evelyn’s Gardener’s Hand Therapy, isn’t too far off at R140 a pop.

To find a stockist near you, check out Mavala’s SA website over here.

Love, love


Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball tour 2012 South Africa set list

So. Are you going to go the Lady Gaga concert? I see you can’t book via Computicket unless you’ve got a 3D verified credit card. I have no idea what that means and am too lazy to google it so if anyone knows what that’s all about please fill me in.

The show’s on at the Green Point stadium on the 3rd of December (a Monday) and the tickets you want – the decent, close-up standing ones – are going for about R700.

Here’s a link to the set list:

Are you going to go? I’m not 100-percent sure yet but I’ll probably be overcome with FOMO* and snap up a ticket. I do despise big concerts though. I’m not a fan of being crushed en masse or having drunk sweaty people rub up against my ass while screaming the lyrics to Pokerface in my ear. Instant flash backs to all those super crowded group sex parties I used to hit up back in high school. Jokes… jokes… It was in junior school… Okay, okay… now I’m just taking the piss. It’s been a long Monday and it’s only 11 o’ clock…

So ja… well see…

Otherwise, I’ve got news to tell you regarding Mevrou Gaga’s new perfume, Fame.

The liquid’s black but when you spritz it, it comes out clear. Clever, right?

I wasn’t allowed to blab about it initially as Coty made me sign all these non-disclosure agreements but, sure enough, the info leaked out all over the net so now I’m free to fill you in. So watch this space; the post will be up before the end of the week.

Love, love


*That’s ‘fear of missing out’ to those of you who are unfamiliar with twitterspeak…

Route launch party for the bridge Cape Pioneer Trek 2012

Last week I attended a lavish li’l bash to celebrate the revelation of the route for the bridge Cape Pioneer Trek 2012. For those of you aren’t down with le sporty types, the CPT is a gruelling seven day mountain bike race that crosses two mountain ranges, from the arid plains of the Karroo to the forests of the garden route.

The event was held at a private location so exclusive/elusive that most of the other guests got lost trying to find it. Fortunately, I’d been there before so I arrived on time to wash down the most delish canapés I’ve had in ages (seriously! The mini bangers and mash where, like, out of this world) with Fairview wine. In fact, Fairview was one of the sponsors so they also provided an array of cheese platters.


You have no IDEA as to how hard it was not to faceplant into that slice of blue; I’m a total slet for putrid stinky cheeses, but call upon the will power of the God’s to avoid them at launches; blue cheese and air kissing is as good a mix as high-waisted pants and Kim Kardashian’s ass…)

Anyhoo, the crowd was kind of interesting in that it wasn’t all the usual faces; there was lots of zexy jock boys in the mix. One of them, Simon Francis, actually designed the logo for the race this year: Other peeps on the scene include David Donde and Jose Vilandy, an SA barista champ from Truth Coffee.

Cheers muchacos!

I almost didn’t recognise Dave with his new matador-esque look. He may have told me the reason for it’s being but I’ve forgotten. I do remember, however, that he said his new site, Truth Coffee HQ (36 Buitenkant street), despite being open for less than two months, is doing so well that it’s selling more coffee than their V&A Waterfront shop!

Oh! And gorgeous ex-Miss SA Cindy Nell was also out and about.

I’m in my highest platform heels and I still look like a li’l chihuahua popping out of her handbag. Girl is tall!

Chica’s just moved to Slaapstad from Jozi and is looking to mix and mingle so PR peeps take note and slap her on your guest lists… I also had fun catching up with fashion bloggers Elrico and Ritza from Luxo as well as celeb hairdresser Marios from Marios Company for hair.

Elrico, Ritza, Mario and friend.

Mario’s running two nice specials this month on both La Brasiliana hair treatments and a QMS! facial. If you want to abuse them, best move fast, they end on the 30th.

Ooh! And you girls all remember Louw, right?

Jules and Louw

He’s the super hot boyfriend of Little Black Book PR’s Jules Illing. Dude didn’t make it in to the finals for the Bar One man hunt (ag nee!) but is now a contestant in Heat’s Man Watch competition. If he wins, he could take home R10 000 and score a walk on role in 7de Laan.

Vote for Louw by SMSing ‘LOUW’ and ‘YOUR NAME’ to 32248. (SMSes cost R1.50 each, including VAT)

Anyway, after hunting down every last banger and mash platter within a 500 m radius, I said my goodbyes. I’m also proud to say that despite having my massive black patent tote on me (a shoplifter’s dream I tell you…) I resisted the urge to stuff it with a giant wedge o’ blue. Instead, I tottered off with a fabulous (read: heavy!) goodie bag stuffed with spoils from all the sponsors. Highlights included Wings Group goodies like Loacker Creme Noisette wafers (they taste like Ferrero Rocher balls!), R1 000 off Princess Diamonds, a Fairview cheese and wine tasting, Klein Karoo Ostrich Liver pate and a CiVViO sports watch that looks like a rubberised armband:

There was actually a v delish Wilde guava juice in here too but it didn’t survive the ride home. Oh! And that’s not a BlackBerry; it’s a Pocpac water-resistant cover, just so you know…

I happened to get a pink watch but it’s too big for me so I ‘reverse psychologied’ my hapless boyfriend into wearing it. Think ‘I dunno babe, you’d have to be a REAL man to pull off a pink watch… like a regte egte sports jock type so people would know you were totes wearing it ironically…’ Needless to say, he immediately slapped it on and wore it with pride at last night’s braai, only taking it off after his friends began to refer to it as ‘Mike’s Barbie watch…’ So ja, we’ll see if it makes yet another debut…

Otherwise, a big thanks to Dryland Event Management, the organisers of the race…

Henco Rademeyer, Carel Heroldt and Bernard le Roux from Dryland.

…and Marina Nestle of PR & eventing co The Little Black Book. As always, your do’s are some of the best.

Marina channelling J-Lo in a lacy LBD…

Here’s wishing the bikers the best of luck; apparently the winners of stage 2 of the race can take home a cool R100 000! Talk about motivation…

Love, love