The Body Shop’s bringing out new body mists and a Spa Fit line

I’m not big into body mists, sprays or spritzers. To me, they’re aimed at your 12-year-old God child or destined to live in the cubby hole of le sneaky smoker. Still, I’m super excited about The Body Shop’s soon to launch Body Mists. Ever since trying their killer good Moringa Beautifying Oil, I’ve fallen crazy in love with the scent. Thus, I’m dying to try this baby:

The Body Shop Moringa body mist, R90

I plan to keep it in my giant black patent tote and douse myself in it at various intervals throughout the day, giving myself a sweet little pick me up every time a crappy brief lands on my desk. (It’ll also come in handy on the long walk to the office parking lot, doubling as a makeshift pepper spray…)

Anyhoo, the new mists will be in store by the end of the month and, aside from my darling Moringa, they’ll also be available in Strawberry, Mango, Vanilla and Shea. (I bet you it’s only a matter of days before every junior school changing room across the planet starts REEKING of these babies…)

Also, keep an eye out for a new skin-firming Spa Fit line. It consists of a body scrub, toning massage oil and toning concentrate but I’m most keen to try the scrub:

The Body Shop Smoothing & Refining body scrub, R220

It makes use of skin-firming grapefruit essential oil and caffeine. Still, I’m mostly excited about the fact that it looks like it could be seriously scrubby. I DETEST piss willy body scrubs that claim to exfoliate but have a low concentration of exfoliating particles; in that case I might as well be using a random body wash. This one, what with its apricot kernel scrubbies and citrus peel powder, could mean business…

Much like the mists, Spa Fit will only be available at the end of the month but in selected stores only.

Love, love


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