Max Fondle launch party in Camps Bay

Last week I popped into Sunbird Bistro in Camps Bay for the official launch of a new clothing brand called fondle, the brainchild of Marc Buhrer who’s alias is Max Fondle.

Max living la vida fondle with Tracy McGregor, Roxy Louw and Vanessa Haywood.

The folks at fondle say their target market are ‘guys and dolls who aren’t concerned with public perception’. Its sexy celeb ambassadors include the chicas in the piccie up above as well as Khuli Roberts, Lee Anne Roberts and Loui Fish. 

Oh! And for those of you who didn’t now, Tracy and Marc are a couple.

Anyway, for various reasons, the ambassadors couldn’t make it to the party but Tracy and a few other models did a good job of showing off fondle’s zexy li’l dresses and vests:

Are you brave enough to sport the word ‘fondle’ on your ass? On public transport?

Tracy says she’s excited to help expand the female side of the line with the introduction of swimwear, which she’s going to design herself, later on this year. As it is she used to have her own range of cocktail dresses that were exclusive to Cape Town boutique Big Blue.

Otherwise, I wasted no time getting stuck into some of the fondle items that were put out on display: 

Wassup bietse?! My kief fondle cap is R299 and the T-shirt’s R349.

My beloved Karis Piss, however, was rather taken with this furry hat so artfully modelled by Cosmo calendar boy Dene Botha who’s also the international face for Ford’s new Ranger:

Ag cuuute man…

KP and I have often spotted Dene out and about on the party circuit but haven’t really had a proper chat so it was nice to get to know him better. As it turns out, he’s quite the sweetheart and even obliged to be, ahem, ‘fondled’ for the sake of our blogs:

You’re welcome…

By the way, I’d like to point out that I’m fully aware that K looks totally adorbsville in her fondle cap and that Dene brings new meaning to the words ‘ab fab’ but I’ve come off like the love child of a Long Street bergie and a flesh-eating piranha. Oh the things I do for a kickass blog stats page my darling readers… Still, if we made it black and white, I reckon it could totally be a fondle ad:

Instantly sexy, right? RIGHT?! Ah come on… what do YOU know about advertising… this baby’s gonna make those caps FLY off the shelves…

Anyway, this was a super fun evening only slightly marred by my knocking over a big ass glass o’ vino, effectively murdering my BlackBerry.


When I opened the poor thing up, I could literally flick red wine off of the SIM card. Tres kak! On the upside, however, I took this as a sign from God to just get a frikken iPhone already and am absolutely loving it. Being able to browse several sites at once and view them properly  totally makes up for its pernickity touch pad keyboard.

Anyway, getting back to fondle… if you want you check out more of their clothes, go take a peek at their website over here.  

A big thanks to Clayton Morar who organised the bash, I’m now a big fan of ‘R&R’; Tipo Tinto rum and Raspberry Sparletta:

Apparently this is *the* drink in Mozambique and the locals refer to it as rum & regret!

I also enjoyed that Scheckter’s Organic Energy drink I found in my goodie bag. (It’s only 450 kj and doesn’t contain any synthetic caffeine, only naturally stimulating ingredients. Taste-wise, it’s nice and refreshing; like a slightly fizzy strong pomegranate ice tea. Yum!)

Love, love (and a quick li’l fondle),


P.S. Just the other day, my darling Clouds inteviewed Tracy for her popular In the Wardrobe of… series on her fashion-focusedblog, And Lollips. Check it out over here.

YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum review

The peeps at YSL are super excited about a brand new anti-aging skin care line that’s just the shelves in SA; YSL Forever Youth Liberator.
Its launch caused a bit of a flurry in Europe in that many women had to put their names down on waiting lists in order to get their mitts on it. What makes it so different to everything else is that it’s ‘inspired by glycobiology’ and one of the first to make use of glycans.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… ‘glycans?!’ It sounds like some weirdo alien race straight out of a Star Trek movie. Still, while using glycans might be as advanced as ET’s space ship, there’s nothing alien about them. Glycans occur naturally in your body and are responsible for sending messages between your cells. As we get older, our glycans tend to die off so, while our body’s still putting out a message that’s essentially saying ‘act young, be young, act young, be young…’ our ‘reception’, as such, is a bietjie kak, which is why our skin doesn’t get the message.

Merrily, YSL’s new range contains a complex of sugar-derived glycan stimulators they call Glycanactif. (I’m not too sure what all the sugars are but know that the main one is Rhamnose* which has the ability to tell your skin’s fibroblasts – the cells responsible for producing collagen – to behave at their best.) What Glycanactif does is help re-activate long dead glycans to help your skin get its innate ‘be youthful’ message loud and clear. Also, aside from helping your skin to ‘perform’ at its best; Glycanactif can help boost the efficacy of the other active ingredients in your skin care routine as it’s essentially cleaning up the ‘pathways’ on which they travel.

Biology lesson aside, YSL’s Forever Youth Liberator line consists of cleansing foam, lotion (their word for a toner), serum, fluid with SPF 15 (for oily skin), two ‘crèmes’ (one for normal skin, one for very dry skin) and an eye cream.

Prices range from R445 for the fluid (toner) to R660 for a 30ml bottle of serum.

I decided to give the serum a bash as it’s got the greatest concentration of Glycanactif in it.

YSL Forever Youth Liberator serum – apply one ‘dose’ to face and neck both day and night.

It comes in gorgeous glass vial with a dropper so I was super sad to decant it into an airtight plastic pump bottle; I don’t like to expose my beauty products to air as it degrades their active ingredients. Scent-wise, it’s got a pretty light floral smell that makes me think of rosewater. In regards to texture, it’s absolute bliss. I love how it sinks into my skin in a flash without feeling greasy or heavy in the least. Afterwards, there’s no weird silicone-y residue or anything that could cause your foundation to ‘pill’. It does, however, leave your skin looking very subtly radiant thanks to microscopic illuminating particles.

I regards to results, I’ve been using it for just over two weeks now and can see a subtle difference in my skin in that it’s less prone to fine dehydration lines. In fact, my skin looked ‘plumper’ within hours from the first application thanks to the serum’s hyaluronic acid content. (Hyaluronic acid is a water binder in that it draws more moisture into your skin and helps to keep it there.) I also liked the instant ever so  slightly luminous look but this disappeared as soon as I applied layer number two; my daily moisturiser. If, however, I’d used the YSL fluid with SPF 15 I’d retained my glow as this contains even more illuminators than the serum. Still, I appreciated the fact that it played nicely with my other anti-agers, namely my retinol serum and AHA cream.

Want to try YSL Youth Liberator for yourself? If you get to a YSL counter at selected Edgars stores** ASAP, you can snap up a 7 day sample pack of both the serum and crème. They’re convinced that after just one week, you’re going to see more youthful-looking skin and have asked that you leave your thoughts on their Edgar’s Club Facebook page. I’d also love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to let me know via the comments section below.

Love, love


*The only other skin care line I know of that’s also using Rhamnose is Vichy’s LiftActiv. You’ll find it at a nice high concentration (5%) in their serum, just so you know…

**Participating stores include Sandton City, Eastgate, Menlyn Park, Gateway, V&A and Canal Walk.