Jean Paul Gaultier launches Kokorico with a bang (on drums). Ha ha.

Jean Paul Gaultier have just launched a new male scent called Kokorico:
The bottle’s rather clever in that face-on it’s, well, a face… then when you flip it to the side you realise it’s the iconic JPG Le Male ‘dummy’ in profile.


I attended the launch the other day but was having camera dramz so I don’t have any of my own shots to show you. Still, the PR darlings managed to send me a few of their piccies so I can show you a bit of what went on… like the fire spinner they had at the door…

Spin spin sugar…

…and these (potent!) dark chocolate-infused cocktails:

Kokorico has a raw cocoa note in it, so this was a nice little tie in.

Anyhoo, getting back to Kokorico itself… the fragrance’s is a slightly spicy-woody-herbaceous-gourmand blend (if that makes sense) with notes of fig leaf, patchouli, cedar, raw cocoa and vetiver. I actually got to sniff it late last year when I visited my sister in France. I found a little sample vial in her bathroom, mistook it for a female fragrance and proceeded to spritz it all over my bod without sniffing it first. (What can I say, when you’re perma drunk on real French champers on holiday you tend to walk a little on the ‘wild side’…) As I was expecting a girlie scent I wasn’t all that impressed. Now, however, because I know it’s meant for le boys, I actually rather like it. Funny that…

Still, this isn’t for everyone – or every man – in that it’s a heavy-ish statement-making scent that only your dark and mysterious Latin lover can pull off well. Think Antonio Banderas circa Zorro and Enrique Iglesias. Or anyone who could strut around town in a satin shirt unbuttoned to the waist without looking like a tosser. As it is, the name’s inspired by the French word for cock-a-doodle doo. It’s all about flash, panache and flair.

To give you an idea, check out the ad. It features a hot semi-shirtless model boy doing a flashy ‘mating dance’ while his ‘hens’ (model gals dollied up in feathers) encourage him by beating on a set of drums. And yes, I know how bloody stupid that sounds in theory, but if you see it it’s actually rather effective so just watch the darn thing, okay? Model dude’s hotness alone is worth the bandwidth.

If you’ve seen the video, then this shot (dancers hired by the PR co to re-enact the ad) will now make sense:
Anyway, if you think your man fits the Kokorico profile go give the scent a sniff. It’s on counter now retailing at R595 for a 50ml bottle and I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

Love, love


Empro Black Diamond eye liner review

Back in the day we weren’t really very spoiled when it came to eye liner. You kinda had le khol eye pencil and that was that. Now, however, you can choose from pencils, pen and ink style liquid liners, gel liners in pots (Maybelline have an awesome one coming out, you’re going to love it!) and felt tip pens.

I’d never used the latter before but have been very impressed with this guy: 

Empro Black Diamond eye liner, R119

He’s super easy to use and boasts the most incredible superfine tip:

Talk about making a point…

If you use a very light hand and only let the tip of the brush graze your eyelid you’re line’s going to be ultra thin and delicate. However, if you lean into it a little, you can bump things up to the max. Check it out:


It’s ease of use inspired me to get a li’l creative…

I know, I know… Picasso I aint…

Anyway, despite having written reams of ‘how to get the perfect cat eye’ copy, I’m actually a bit rubbish when it comes to applying liner to the top of my lids. This guy, however, made it all too easy. (The moment I get a chance to be at home in daylight I’ll take a pic for you.) 

Wear-wise, it’s not as good as another liquid liner I own in that it disappears the moment it gets wet. Still, due its fabulous tip and ease of use, this one’s my new bestie. Also, I actually quite like that it comes off so easily. Just a simple sweep of a baby wipe is all it takes to remove every last trace of it in a jiff so I can hit the pillow make-up-free in seconds.

Currently, Empro products are exclusive to Dream Nails stores across the country so next time you’re near one make a point of checking this baby out. I’ll bet anything you’ll be super impressed. As it is, it’s already a bestselling big deal in Eastern countries like Malaysia where it’s won several beauty awards.

Love, love