The results of Estee Lauder’s Beauty Census 2012 are in

If you’re a Lauder fan, you’ll be glad to know the company’s gone and targeted li’l ole SA as a hot spot for new product development. In a nut shell, they want to listen to our needs and create fab new cosmetics just for us. And this starts with bumping up their foundation shade selection to include hot new hues specifically developed for South African women of colour.

Sing it with me now; ‘Ebonyyy and ivoreee…’

In order to find out what we need, the peeps from Estee Lauder SA hit up five different beauty counters around the country and took a fancy pants spectral camera and skin scanner along for the ride. They photographed and scanned a huge cross-section of women and are now going to put those stats to work to ensure that, soon, you’ll be able to pick from an even wider selection of foundation shades. Nice… very nice…

In the meantime, go check out their new Invisible Fluid make-up, available in sixteen different shades.

This fab lightweight light-reflector’s ideal for anyone wanting sheer coverage with a bit of oil-control.

Each Estee Lauder counter is equipped with an iMatching tool to help your consultant find the hue that’s 100% you. They’ll also be glad to give you a sample so you can try before you buy.

Otherwise, watch this space; we’ll be seeing some very exciting new goodies from Estee Lauder before the year is out.

Love, love