Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle serum and Instant cuticle remover reviews

So I got a little pakkie of new goodies from Sally Hansen and thought I’d tell you about two of them that are coming out later this month, First up, we’ve got Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle Serum, R99,95.

Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle serum

Enhanced with biotin and vitamins A, C, E, this serum claims to speed up the growth of your nails. Thing is, all the nail experts I’ve spoken to, peeps like Bastien Gonzalez, say you can only improve your nail’s growth rate via improved blood circulation and vitamins and minerals that you ingest. Even then, a better diet is only really going to have an effect if you were malnourished to begin with.

What this can do, however, is keep your nail’s matrix (the bit beneath your cuticle where the new nail is formed) well ‘fed’ and hydrated. If that’s kept in tip top shape, it’ll produce a better quality of nails. Not overnight, however; but eventually. And being of a better mettle, they’ll be less likely to break so you may well get that extra length you’re after.

Still, the serum does have one immediate effect in that it did a great job of moisturising my cuticles. I’m not in love with the dropper though; it could do with a bit of a redesign in that it either sucks up and spits out too much or no product depending on its ‘mood’.

Now let me tell you about my absolute favourite which I’ve gone and saved for last; Sally Hansen Instant cuticle remover, R79,95:

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover

This stuff is the business. Seriously. I’d been using a random Revlon cuticle remover before getting my mitts on this one and it makes the former look like a bloody cuticle balm. I love how you don’t have to first soak your nails or use it when you’ve just gotten out the bath; you can literally slap it on and within less than a minute your cuticles are soft enough to push back or scrape away! Just be sure to wash it off when you’re done. As the formula’s so nice and sterk it can weaken your nail beds if you leave it on sommer. But ja, the moment this baby runs out I’m going to be buying another; it’s the best non-salon cuticle remover I’ve ever used.

Love, love


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