Blogger girls Taittinger tasting at I Heart My Laudry; SA’s first destinational laundromat

Last week I hit up an ‘Air Your Dirty Laundry’ party organised by Allison Scotsman, she of Skinny Bitches in the Making fame.

Ali’s on my left. Feel free to stalk her on twitter; she’s @tweetsonheels…

The bash was held at SA’s first ‘destinational laundry’, I Heart My Laundry in Buitengracht street. 
It was a nice opportunity to schmingle with other bloggers while sipping on fancy French champagne as Taittinger SA were there to give us a little tasting. (The rose, just so you know, is BEYOND delish and totally worth the price tag. I’m considering treating myself to a bottle and cracking it open the day I hear about a particularly evil ex-colleague – who made my life a living hell – finally getting the chop from a position he totally bullshitted his way into… *rubs hands with wicked glee…*)

I also got to get a closer look at some pretty After Eden lingerie:

See how they strung it up on a washing line? So cute…

They were also one of the party’s ‘sponsors’ in that they, along with Taittinger, supplied a prize for a lucky draw. Shockingly, I didn’t win anything so I immediately plunged into misery, leaving me with no other option but to drink the pain away with copious amounts of Taittinger champagne.

And just like that the room suddenly started to spin(cycle)…

It mixed fabulously with my flu meds and thus, due to the fuzziness that ensued, I can’t quite explain how I ended up wearing one of After Eden’s gorgeous li’l nighties…

Cheers bietse!

…or partaking in a semi-sletterig drier top photo shoot…

Popping bottles in the ice… like a blizzard…

Anyway, getting back to the kiffness that is I Heart My Laundry… They’re open from 7 to 7 , seven days a week and do washing, ironing, dry cleaning, steaming, dyeing and altering and make a point of using all organic products. You can drop your stuff off and ask that it be delivered or hang around for a bit. The place is so cosy/trendy-looking you could be forgiven for mistaking it for a coffee shop. And they do do coffee (a fancy Brazilian brand) as well as yummy dim sum!

Don’t mind if I do…

Clayton the co-owner says this is a totally regular thing that goes on from 7 to t7. Seriously. You can have your socks washed while snacking on dim bloody sum! To read more about it, check out this fab article I found on Cape Town Magazine over here.

Thanks laundry boys, I had fun and despite having a top loader of my own, I may well pop back in, if only to abuse your delicious desserts. Your handmade millionaire’s shortbread and champagne-infused fudge rocked my (clean) socks off!

Champagne-flavoured fudge AKA the death of my ass. 

Love, love


X x x

P.S. Ali, if I win the upcoming Taittinger comp, I’ll be sure to split the bottle with you, so please don’t let that Catholic guilt of yours kick in as it did with the first comp. Feel free to rig, jiggle or influence…

INGLOT’s new Body Pigments brightened up my day. Literally.

INGLOT have just launched the most divine super-versatile little play things in the form of 40 new Body Pigments, R189.
What makes these babies special is that you can do pretty much anything – ANYTHING! – with them. Seriously. You can use them on both your face and body as is or get all mad scientist-y with the rest of your make-up.

For example, you know about INGLOT’s Duraline, right? If not, this is their bestselling ‘transforming liquid’ that converts powder shadows and pigments into liquid form. 

INGLOT Duraline, R119

Anyway, just a few drops of Duraline is all it takes to turn the Body Pigments into colourful liquid liner, ‘cream’ shadow, ‘cream’ blush or body paint! It then gets better… you can also add the Body Pigments to your lipgloss, nail polish, foundation, body lotion, whatever… the choice is yours.

But let me stop rambling on and just show you sommer… First up, we’ve got the pigments used dry:

From left to right we’ve got 174 (Matte), 150 (Pearl) and 156 (Matte).

This is what they look like with a bit of Duraline added to them:

Nice and dark, ne?

Next, I tried the whole mixing it with your gloss thing and was super impressed; look at how good this looks!

A plain old Catrice lip gloss mixed in with le orange pigment…

The result? A new tangerine-coloured shade I shall from now on refer to as ‘Fanta Pants’.

I loved that it didn’t change the way the gloss went on or felt; only the colour. So clever!

And yes, I know this shade sooo doesn’t suit me, but that’s not the point. The fact that it was so easy to create is like beyond awesome!

I also mixed the blue and gold pigments into clear nail polish and what do you know, making your own nail polish colours is as easy as pie!

‘Rolling in the Deep’…


‘Midas A Nice Colour’…

When it dried I had this irrational fear that it would revert back to powdery pigment and I’d end up smearing colour on everything but this wasn’t the case; it dried just as normal nail polish would and had a nice glossy-looking finish.

I was super grateful for the little palette (R79) and spatula (R49) that INGLOT gave me; both made mixing things up super easy.

See how I like to ‘live on the edge’, blending right on the bedroom floor sans newspaper? If my boyfriend had walked in at that moment I’d have been in seriyas trouble…

Anyway, if you’re an INGLOT fan, a professional make-up artist or simply like to play or experiment with your make-up; you’re going to LOVE these guys. Like I said, they’re available in 40 different colours so you’re not going to sikkel to find shades that you adore.

Thanks INGLOT, this was super fun!

Love, love


P.S. I see you can now shop for INGLOT goodies online via their local website. Nice, very nice…