Yardley Longerwear Lips lipstick review

Yardley have added four new shades to their Longwear Lips line. For those of you haven’t tried them, Longwear Lips are super long lasting vitamin E-enriched lip colours.

Ag cute man! Look at the l’il flowers on the tube…

They remind me a lot of Revlon’s originial ColorStay lippies except they’re not as drying. I mean make no mistake, they’re not the most hydrating lip colours you’ll ever use; that’s just the nature of a stay-fast formula, but they certainly aren’t going to turn your mouth into a prune the way Revlon’s did… Yardley’s formula also makes use of ‘filling sphere’s to help create the illusion of fuller-looking lips and to be honest, I didn’t notice any plumping effect, but the lippie did feel nice and comfy on my lips.Anyway, here are the new shades:

From left to right; Watermelon, True Nude, Vintage Rose (not very rosy-looing, I know) and Brick Wall.

I’m more of a fuschia/red girl but wore the Brick shade the other day (it looks a little more warm on your lips) and got a compliment on it. I also liked that it lasted a few hours on my lips and even survived me eating a bowl of cereal and sipping on a glass of water.

See a colour you like? They’re in stores as we speak going for R99,95.

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A little loving from And Lollipops

Shame… clearly my darling Clouds is running out of people to interview for her ‘In her Closet’ series on her blog ‘cos today she’s featuring yours truly.

Clouds, Karis Piss and I living it up at the Zando launch the other day.

Love you bitch face!

Go check it out over here.

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ghd has a sexy new salon-quality hairdryer

I popped into the offices of King James the other day to meet with some peeps from ghd. They were v excited to show off their awesome new salon-quality hairdryer:

Behold, the ghd AIR hairdryer, R1499

So… just what makes ghd’s new dryer so darn special? What is it about it that may well make the one you used this morning look like kak in comparison? Here are the specs: 

First up, it’s sterk. You’re looking at a 2,100 Watt AC motor at 240v. This means it’ll dry your hair faster, exposing it to less heat damage.
The motor sits in the middle so it won’t wonk around in your hand.
It’s got a little rubber stud thing-y on either side so it won’t slip off your dressing table and smash to bits.
It makes use of ionic technology to seal and smooth your hair shaft, creating a shinier-looking frizz-free finish.
The ion generator sits close to the ‘mouth’ of the drier so more ions go directly into your hair as opposed to get lost in the depths of the dryer.
There are two heat settings and a cool shot botton to help ‘lock in’ your style when you’re done.
It’s got a removeable ‘fluff collector’ plate. This way, you can remove the flotsam that gets stuck at the back and muffles your hair driers power. This also prevents your hair from being sucked into the back of it. A must if you’re me ‘cos I ALWAYS manage to do this and it ALWAYS ends with me having to reach for the sisters with tears in my eyes…
It boats a super long 3 metre power cable, comes with two detachable concentrator nozzles and boasts a one year guarantee.

Want one? Of course you do… as of next month, you’ll find it at salons that stock ghd and can also snap it up on ghd’s local website.

Oooh! And before I forget… I just HAVE to tell you about ghd’s amazing heat shield product, ghd Style Heat Protect Spray, R180.

ghd Style Heat Protect spray; the holy grail of heat protectors…

I’ve always heard about how good this dude is but have never actually experienced his awesomeness up close. Craig, ghd’s technical and training co-ordinator, gave me a little demo by having me rub a bit of the product on the back of my right hand. He then blitzed both of my hands up close with the hair drier until my left hand got so bloody hot I had to whip it away. The right one that was covered in product, however, could’ve merrily lived under the drier forever. It literally DIDN’T FEEL THE HEAT IN THE LEAST. Good Lord!

Girls, if you own this product, please do the above test yourself. It’s sooo impressive! Like a magic trick! I’m now never going to let my curling iron anywhere near my hair without ensuring it’s slathered in ghd’s heat protecting spray. I am now a diehard, slavishly devoted fan.

Thanks ghd, I love your stuff!

Love, love