Fight off the flu with a little help from Clicks

We’re not really all that far into the hideousness that is winter and already I’m wishing I could just crawl under my duvet until October. I am not a winter baby. In my book, winter is pooh. It’s also cold and flu season but I plan to skip out on that this season (I hope) by not making out with random boys at clubs beefing up my immune system with a healthy lifestyle and popping copious amounts of vitamin C. 

Ag cuuute man!

Anyway, I was thrilled when Clicks sent me a little ‘fight the flu bug’ hamper:

From left to right; Clicks Vapour Clear personal vapouriser, Hygiene hand sanitizer waterless foamer (R24,99) and spray gel (R23,99), Vitamin C tablets (R54,99) and Viral Eeze (R53,99).

I haven’t tried Viral Eeze yet but know people who swear by it. As for the vitamin C, well I’d actually just bought that exact tub a week before receiving Clicks’ pakkie. I liked that it contained 100 500mg tablets for just R54,99. That’s great value in that it works out to less than R20 per month. 

I take the vitamin C every morning because if you’re prone to insomnia, popping it at night can keep you up.

Aside from possibly helping to lessen the severity and length of flu symptoms, vitamin C has loads of beauty benefits. For one, it’s a potent antioxidant and is essential to the production of collagen. In fact, several studies have found that women who take vitamin C internally tend to have younger-looking skin than those who have a lower intake. So ja… vitamin C is your friend.

I’m also quite impressed with this guy:

Clicks Vapour Clear personal vapouriser

It comes with 20 effervescent vapour tablets and a few disposable cups. You fill the cup with boiling water, pop in the tab and inhale the vapours to open up your nose. Clever, right?! I just love stuff like that! Still, here’s hoping I don’t end up having to use it…

Love, love


It’s time to shine with Yardley’s Radiant Glo Illuminator

If you’re a fan of ‘illuminators’ like MAC Strobe Cream or have always wanted to try one out, Yardley’s got a little something for you:

Yardley Radiant Glo Illuminator, R99,95

Yardley’s new ‘lightweight illuminating primer’ contains loads of teensy little light-reflecting particles to instantly brighten your complexion and is enriched with nourishing Shea butter and super antioxidant vitamin E.

Pretty, right?

I had loads of fun playing with it, wearing it on its own as well as getting it to make friends with the rest of my make-up bag. For example, I added a teensy dash of it to my daily moisturiser to create an ‘illuminating’ one. Just be prepared to experiment though; I found it mixed like a dream with my Neutrogena oil-free moisturiser but made weird little ‘bolletjies’ when combined with my Filorga Hydra-Filler pro youth boosting moisturiser. I also created my own light-reflecting foundation by adding it to Yardley Oatmeal’s new Light Cover foundation*; it blended up beautifully!

Still, if you’re going to wear it all over your face and have oil-prone skin, just be sure to use a blotting powder on your T-section when you’re done. Light-reflecting foundations and moisturisers can go a long way towards adding a youthful-looking glow but they’ll also emphasise large pores. (Eek!) If this is something you’re worried about or you don’t have the energy to keep blotting throughout the day, stick to using it the way Yardley suggests; using it to only highlight your cheek or brow bones.

When doing just that, I like to apply it on top of my moisturiser and under my foundation or powder. I like that even though I wear something on top of it; it sits tight and creates enough ‘shine’ to still be visible through my make-up. I tried to take a piccie to show you but it didn’t really show up on camera. Trust me though; it makes enough of a difference that’s visible to the human eye to make it worth the effort.

Love, love

Leigh *After reading my review on their new Oatmeal Mattifying foundations, Yardley were nice enough to send me yet another one in Sand, a shade that’s even better matched to my skin tone.

Yardley Oatmeal Mattifying foundation in Sand.

I love its creamy easy-to-blend formula. To me, it’s not quite but almost a tinted moisturiser that provides just enough coverage to even out my skin. And I STILL can’t get over its ridiculously awesome price point, R64,95! Seriously girls, if you’ve got oily/combination skin and are looking for a matte yet light foundation, check this out in store; it’s a real winner.

X x x

Yves Saint Laurent Opium relaunch featuring Emily Blunt

This year, Yves Saint Laurent’s most iconic scent, Opium, turns 35.

YSL Opium EDT, 30ml for R630

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock  who’ve yet to sniff it, Opium’s a heady blend of bergamot, Chinese ginnger, white pepper and basil on a bed of cedar and oak moss. It’s possibly the world’s most famous oriental and has been represented by supermodels like Kate Moss and Linda Evangelista. In fact, Gisele Bundchen actually wears it on big nights out. 

Anyway, Opium now has a new spokeswoman, actress Emily Blunt.

What do you meeean you think I’ve had a leetle too much?!

While I adore Miss Blunt (how brill was she as the long suffering assistant in the Devil Wears Prada?!), I’ll be honest and say she doesn’t strike me as the best fit for the brand. To me, Opium’s always been this seriously sexy, slightly scandalous type of scent. It’s for the kind of girl who calls her bedroom a boudoir  and may or may not own crotchless panties. And while Emily’s certainly looks gorgeous in the ad, she just doesn’t have the kind of ‘in your face’ sexiness/retro glam factor that, to me, best expresses what Opium’s all about. 

In my opinion, these are Opium girls… not those who should neccessarily have been picked over Emily, but the type of woman who I could imagine wearing the scent: 

Celeb stylist Rachel Zoe. To me, she embodies 70’s-inspired glam.

French actress Eva Green. (Dior’s already snapped her up for Midnight Poison…)

Burlesque pin up Dita von Teese.

Still, regardless of what I think, Opium’s going to continue to be sold by the gallon. It’s fans range from the women who first snapped it up in the late 70’s to a brand new wave of young ‘hipster girls’ who adore it for the fact that it’s ‘vintage’ yet exotic and sensual.

Now tell me, are you an Opium fan? And if not, what other sexy winter scents are blowing your hair back round about now?

Love, love


Bourjois 1 Seconde nail polish review

Got a need for speed?

Oh Keanu. Twelve years later and I still think you’re a hottie…

My first thought upon laying eyes on Bourjois 1 Seconde nail polish was ‘What?! A nail polish that dries in one second?! There’s no way that’s possible…’ As it turns out I was right. This baby applies in one second and then takes another 50 to dry. Ohhh… I see… 

Bourjois 1 Seconde nail polish, R89,95

The reason why application is such a dream is because it boasts a patented curved-tip fan brush. This means you can place it up against your cuticle and then pull down to ‘activate’ the spreading of the fan.

1 second, 1 stroke, off you go…

There are quite a few nail polishes with super-fast fan-style brushes on the shelves but I’ve been disappointed with the majority of what I’ve tried. So far, Bourjois is definitely the best of the bunch. In fact, I’d say it sets the bar in that it really really does make for a speedy application.

In regards to drying, if you apply a thin coat as opposed to a thick one it does dry within 50 seconds. Not bone dry, but dry enough to do minor things like type or get into your car. I like to use three coats though to get a nice, creamy-looking coverage so obviously it took way longer to dry but was still much ‘speedier’ than an any of the other ‘standard’ polishes I own. I also like that it dries to an even, non-streaky finish unlike the last ‘top speed’ polish I tried from another brand.

Shine-wise, it’s initially very glossy-looking (the formula contains a bit of silicone) but it turned a little matte after I got out the bath. Fortunately, this is easily fixed with a slick of top coat. (Without a top coat, you’re looking at about 3 to 4 days of wear before it starts to chip.)

Shade-wise, I’m not sure if the selection I’ve seen online is the same as what’s available in South Africa. I was given a dove’s egg blue (Blue Water) and bubblegum pink (Rose Cupcake) colour to try and made swatches of the pink one:

Bourjois 1 Seconde nail polish in no. 6 (Rose Cupcake)

I’m not crazy about either colour but was taken in by their ease of application. If you spot them in store (Edgars, Red Square) and find a shade you love, know they’re worth your cash. I’ll definitely be popping in to check out their reds.

Love, love