COSMO Jeans fashion show 2012

So I attended the COSMO Jeans fashion show last week. It was held at QV54 and featured an array of brands that ranged from Ackermans to Calvin Klein.

I arrived just in time to nab the last free Brutal Fruit at the bar. Yay for me.

The dress code was ‘denim’ and I thought Karis Piss and her COSMO ‘Sexiest Man’ calendar boyfriend Bjorn looked utterly adorbsville in semi-matching denim outfits:

Soet man!

I can’t remember when last another couple looked so totally gorgeous in head to toe denim… oh wait… 


Anyway, in regards to the actual show… I don’t have any of my own piccies to show you as the place was packed and I got stuck in a crowd six people deep from the runway. I literally couldn’t see a thing. Seriously. This was my view:

Die Rooi Gevaar…

Occasionally I’d stick my camera up and over the heads in front of me and snap at random to see if I could get anything but it was kinda hit and miss. Still, I got to hear Natasha Meister sing the shizz out of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. I’d never heard of her before but was super impressed by her killer good voice and am now a total fan. I also got to meet another of their performers, a singer called Yoav

Molo fish!

Like Natasha, I hadn’t heard of Yoav before either, but when I put out a tweet about him being there, I immediately got a flurry of response that was all along the lines of ‘OMFG!!! Yoav is sooo hot! I’m totes going to have the dude’s babies!’ So ja… Clearly the guy’s got fans… And when I asked him if  there was anything he wanted me to help him punt or promote he totally neglected to tell me that he’d be opening for Tori Amos in SA in September. (Come on dude, that’s a pretty big deal!) So now you girls can add ‘humble and self-effacing’ to your list of reasons to make Yoav your boyfriend…  

Anyway, getting back to the show… like I said, I didn’t get to take it in but see Channel 24 have a few decent piccies:

Photo credit: Peter Lambert, Channel 24

I did, however, get a consolation prize in regards to my crappy view. Moments after the above pic was snapped, the models flung their Stetsons into the crowd and one of them landed at my feet.

Yee ha bietse!

Being a tad superstitious (and having attended waaay too many weddings of late), I’m taking it as a sign from Jesus that I’m totes going to end up marrying Christian Bale.

Baby, put the gun down! Those shoes were HALF the price it says on the box! Promise!

Now tell me, where YOU at the show? Did you get to see it? Let me know what you thought in the comments section, I’d love to know.

Love, love