Cadbury Flake is here to stay (so make hairy spider cupcakes!)

Earlier this month, I almost got into hysterics when I saw people moaning about not being able to find Cadbury Flake chocolate in stores. I mean, could you imagine a world where Choc 99’s came sans Flake?! If anything’s a sign of the apocalypse I’m quite sure it would be that.

So ja… I was thrilled to have the nice PR people at Kraft assure me that Flake was here to stay and they’d merely had a little stock issue. Phew! They even sent me a little hamper of free Flakes to soothe my jangled nerves:

The hamper was twice as big before my boyfriend (who eats more choccie than a premenstrual woman) got stuck in.

Anyway, I did was any reasonable blogger would do upon being given a whackload of Flake… I made hairy spider cupcakes!

I didn’t have chocolate syrup so for styling purposes I used balsamic vinegar syrup to create my web.

Making them is all too easy. Once they were iced, I created ‘hair’ with a sprinkling of crumbled Flake then added licorice eyes and sour cola ropes for legs. And just like that you’ve got a creeptastic (yet delish-tasting) hairy spider Flake cupcake.

Love, love