Woolworths’ ‘youth fragrances’; fun, easy-to-wear scents that won’t break the bank

Have you spotted these guys in Woolies yet? 

Woolies' 'Youth Fragrances' come in 50ml bottles and are only R150 a pop. (Enlarge this piccie by clicking on it.)

Many department stores have their own range of non-designer ‘easy to wear’ fragrances but they all seem to tie into their various bath and body lines making them the kind of thing only your gran would appreciate. Thing is, loads of young girls (and guys) want an inexpensive ‘every day’-type of scent but aren’t into boring single note florals. So big up to Woolies for stocking prettily-packaged in-house fragrances that will appeal to a much younger audience.

I was given Chit Chat to play with:

Chit Chat and all the other female fragrances have a matching body spray (R45) while the male colognes have a matching shower gel, also R45.

Being a very fruity-floral, Chit Chat isn’t really my kinda scent. Still, this has a lot to do with the fact that I’m a lot older than it’s intended target market. I reckon had I sniffed it back in the good old days (when bouncers still wanted to see my ID), it may well have been a real hit. 

Notes-wise, I can only really identify passion fruit which initially struck me as being too sweet. Fortunately this soon gives way to a soft vanilla-musk type of dry down that kind of grows on you. If you’re a fan of Escada’s tropical fruit-inspired scents (think Island Kiss, Marine Groove, Rockin’ Rio etc), chances are you’ll also appreciate Chit Chat.  

Have you tried any of these? Also, are there any other ‘cheapie’ fragrances that you’ve found and liked? Let me know in the comments section.

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