New Stimorol Mega Mystery flavour… tastes like me?!

So Stimorol sent me a pack of their new Mega Mystery flavour gum.

To be honest, my first thought was ‘vok’. I hate having to tell peeps who send me things that aren’t 100% in line with my blog that I won’t feature them. I mean, I don’t want to be that ‘beauty blog’ that suddenly starts raving about the awesomeness of a new squeegee mop simply because it rocked up on my doorstep…

Still, the bastards totally got me when I opened up the pack:

Leigh van den Berg flavoured gum. Yes, really... 

So, what does Leigh van den Berg flavoured gum taste like? You’d expect it to be all ‘peppermint lip gloss with a subtle Pongraz tang’ but it’s actually rather passionfruit-y. At least that’s what I think. My sister, however, reckons it’s more ‘grapefruit-y’ but after seeing it was supposed to be Leigh-flavoured she suddenly decided it had more of a ‘stupid old whore’ vibe going on. (Nice Mandy… real nice… ) But ja… either way, it’s definitely my favourite Stimorol flavour so far.

If you want to figure out the flavour yourself, pick up a pack in the shops, give it a bash and then pop on over to You can vote for what you think the new flavour is and the most popular choice becomes the official name. (The last time I checked, ‘Alien Abuction’ was in the lead…)

Now check out the TV commercial. It’s deffo one of the weirdest most ‘wat die vok het ek net gekyk’ type of things I’ve seen in ages which is probably why I like it so much. 

So… happy chew-sing girls! (Ha ha! I made joke. Chew-sing. You know like ‘choose’ and ‘chew’… You get it, right? I’m like totes funny, hey?!)

Love, love