Cettua After Night Fever soothing essence mask review

Just the other day I was given a pack of Cettua’s After Night Fever soothing essence mask, R49,99.

Cute, right?

It aims to soothe and relax tired stressed skin and makes use of spot-busting witch hazel, calming chamomile, hydrating algae extract and circulation-boosting ginkgo biloba. The latter’s also a great anti-oxidant, if you didn’t know… 

Each pack contains two cloth face masks that come in their own separate pouch. They’re steeped in a moisturising glycerine-based fluid that contains all the active ingredients. To apply it, simply slide it out the pouch, unfold it and slap it on your face:

Why hello there ex-boyfriend who decided to google me... aren't you missing out...

Wearing the mask was easy. It didn’t slide off my face and I was able to stand up with it on, but obviously it’s much nicer to take a little time out and lie down with it for a good twenty to thirty minutes. It felt nice and cool on my skin and when I was done I smoothed any the excess treatment into my neck. I also used my fingers to scoop out what was left at the bottom of the pack and rubbed it into my chest.

Results-wise, I could see that my face was a little more hydrated in that a few dry lines around my mouth had buggered off. I’ll be sure to pop these in my trolley next time I spot them at Clicks ‘cos I love making up ‘pamper packs’ for friends and reckon these will make a super cute addition and, as you get two in a pack, I reckon they’re good value for money.