L’Oreal ELVIVE Volume Collagen shampoo review

Big into ‘body’? I think you’ll like L’Oreal’s ELVIVE Volume Collagen range.

L'Oreal ELVIVE Volume Collagen shampoo

I was given the shampoo to try and like that it’s nice and light-weight, as are most volumising hair products. This one, however, won’t leave your hair feeling dry or over-stripped. Instead, it works along with the conditioner to plump up each of your strands with a ‘soluble collagen’. (For the record, L’Oreal also says that their collagen is able to ‘nourish’ your hair, but that’s not true. Collagen has no ‘nutritional’ value for your hair or scalp, so perhaps they meant to imply ‘moisturise’ or ‘hydrate’…)

Anyway, as a very fine-haired girl who loves ‘big hair’ but still needs extra TLC due to highlights, I’ve found this shampoo’s working out really nicely, as do most of L’Oreal ELVIVE’s products. I also like that this particular line, Volume Collagen, is completely free of silicones. As most of my other hair products make use of them, they can end up weighing down your hair so it’s nice to use this for a few shampoos to help clear out some of the excess. Oh! And did I mention the pretty floral-citrus scent? Tres mooi…

You know what they say darlings... the taller your hair, the closer you are to God...

If you give them a bash yourself, let me know your thoughts. They’ll be on the shelves towards the end of the month and price-wise, you’re looking at R37 for 200mls and R59 for 400mls. 

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