Sally Hansen’s new Diamond Strength No-chip nail color review

Sally Hansen have just introduced a new line of nail colours along with a top coat; Diamond Strength No-chip nail colour. Each colour (including the top coat) is infused with real micro-diamonds, platinum and aluminium to deliver a super shiny mani that promises to remain rock hard for a full ten days.

This is Ruby Red on my fingers.

This is Honeymoon Red, a shimmering ruby-coloured hue, on my fingers.

While I’m big on red, I wasn’t feeling this shade’s pearlescence so I decided to test it on my toes which are less in your face. I used two coats on my left foot and did the same for my right but added the top coat. Ten days later, both pedis, top coat or not, were still shiny-looking and chip free. (I’ve decided against slapping up ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots of my feet as I don’t want internet pervs getting off on my tooties, so you’re just going to have to trust me on this one.)

I then handed a few Diamond Strength colours over to my friend Alize who is OBSESSED with nail polish. Like crazy ‘lock her up for her own good’ obsessed. Aside from trawling message rooms dedicated to polish and pouring over a zillion different swatches online, she can merely glance at your fingers and tell you what shade you’re wearing or at least give you it’s perfect ‘dupe’*.

The Feris(Wheel) sisters; Leanne on the left and Alize on the right. Don't listen to them when they tell you this shot was taken at a dress up party of mine. This is how they roll...

Having played with them for a bit, Alize said she liked that the formula was easy to work with – not too thick, not too thin – and that the brushes were good quality. Better yet, it also lasted ten days on her fingernails!

Colour-wise, she thought Honeymoon Red was too frosty which made it looks a bit ‘granny-ish’ but she appreciated that it was nicely pigmented. On the downside, however, it stained her nails ‘like a MOFO’ even with a base coat.   

Want to try Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail colours for yourself? They’re in selected Foschini stores. They’re going for R69,95 a pop.

Love, love


*A dupe, for those who don’t know, is another shade that looks almost exactly like another. For example, MAC’s Springsheen blush is a good enough dupe for NARS’s infamous Orgasm blush. 

Wild Olive launches their limited edition Table Mountain collection

Wild Olive, for those of you who don’t know, is a Cape Town-based bath and body range created with natural and organic African botanicals. Every now and again they launch a limited edition collection like their new Table Mountain collection:

The range features a Shea body butter, botanical candle, olive oil soap and dish and eye balm and is priced between R565 and R875.

They all come packaged in handcrafted porcelain jars (while the soap comes with a dish) that features Table Mountain and local flora. There are two styles to choose from; one that features a handdrawn pencil sketch…

The soap's made using cold pressed organic olive oil.

…and another that’s been handpainted and boasts a glam gold-accented protea. No guessing as to which is my favourite…

I like that once the body butter's all used up you can keep the jar as a jewellery box of iets..

As for the products themselves, they’ve all been made using fairly outsourced organic oils, waxes and butters plus an original ‘fougere perfume’ that features Cape May, Cape Snow Bush, African Woodworm and Buchu. Oh so Cape Town, darlings… They also come packaged in a handmade felt pouch made with South African Merino sheep* wool.

Oh so Cape Town, darlings...

If I didn’t blow all my money on zexy winter blazers and frozen yoghurt, I’d probably snap up one of the body butters for my little sister. It would make the perfect gift as she’s currently living it up with her fiance in France, jazzing up their spot with all manner of Saffa-inspired decor so as to bring a touch o’ Africa to their home. Next time I visit, I can expect to be greeted by a duo of handcarved giraffes the size of my Kia Picanto while the Lion King soundtrack wafts in from the lounge… 

Clouds and I indulging in champagne o'clock at the launch.

Want to check out the collection for yourself? Pop into either of Wild Olive’s boutiques; there’s one in the Cape Quarter as well Cavendish. If you intend to buy, you’d best move fast. They’ve only created 50 of each item!

Love, love


*Merino sheep are kiff. My family have a Merino sheep farm in Graaf-Reneit so my sis and I pretty much grew up with Merino lambs shoved down the front of our My Little Pony tracksuit tops. Looking back, this probably explains why I was always riddled with worms. Fun times…

Yardley adds new shades to their retractable eye pencil and Quick Dry nail polish lines

Yardley have added three new metallic shades to their very popular retractable eye pencil line:

Silver Siren, Gilded Gold and Cobalt Blue.

Each pencil is creamy and soft yet the colour it serves up is highly pigmented with good staying power.

From left to right; Cobalt Blue, Silver Siren and Gilded Gold.

I quite like the silver shade and discovered that, when worn on the your inner lower lash line, it can help brighten up tired-looking eyes much the same way white pencil does. Obviously it’s every so slightly glitzier-looking, so I’d only do this at night. But in saying that, the look is still nice and subtle. Nobodies going to mistake you for an extra in Burlesque, as is often the case with metallic eye make-up. 

Other new shades in the Yardley line up? Two new Quick Dry nail polishes:

Enchanted Eve on the left and Urban Force on the right.

I quite like Yardley’s Quick Dry polishes as they really do dry with lightning speed. They’re the perfect thing to reach for when you’re in a rush. The only downside is, without a serious top coat, they’re more prone to chip than Yardley’s other nail colours.

Enchanted Eve is an every so slightly mauvey-looking silver and Urban Force is a pearlescent sapphire blue.

If you’re keen to give either the eye pencils (R82,95) or nail colours (R48,95) a bash, you’ll find them on the shelves a little later this month.

Love, love